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Zulag 4 is the final Zulag found in Abe's Oddysee, and features the last few Mudokons in the game. The end goal of the area is to shut down the main generator and enter the Boardroom.


Once inside the zulag, make your way over to the platforms to your right and climb up to the screen above. Sneak of to the right to avoid alerting the slig to your left, then run on over to the door. Once through the door, pull the 'service' lever and run jump up to the platform on your left and possess the slig. Walk over to the right and kill both slig guarding the lift. Hoist yourself down with the lift and kill both sligs on that platform. Walk to the right and kill the slig on the opposite platform. Continue firing to get the sligs alerted by the alarm, then drop down and kill the rest of the sligs on the screen. Walk to the left, say 'Look Out' and shoot the slig. Then kill the possessed slig. As Abe, drop down back to where you killed the possessed slig, then sneak on over to the right to find the screen with a sleeping slig and an order bomb. Sneak over to the pipe, then quikly roll to the order bomb. Activate it and roll left to kill the slig. Roll back, hoist to the above platform and pull the lever. Get the mudokon to follow you to the bird portal found earlier and chant to free both mudokons. Sneak over to the right to find a slig looking at a door. Sneak to the boom machine and obtain some grenades. Sneak off the screen, then back on to throw the grenade at the slig. Sneak off the screen briefly then back on to witness the sligs death. Then run to the door. As soon as you come through the other side, run as fast as you can to the right to avoid the wrath of the slogs. Once you are faced with a small platform against a wall, jump up and hoist Abe upon it. Then run jump to the left to obtain some grenades. Use the grenades to kill the slog, and bring the mudokons to the left. On your way, possess the slig on the platform above to clear out a sloghut and pull the lock lever. Bring all mudokons in this area to the leftmost screen to rescue them. Run back to the area that you entered the level in and on your way get some more grenades.