A Uncharged Zappfly

Zappfly is one of the types of live ammo used by Stranger. The Zappfly never runs out, so no matter what happens, Stranger always has some form of weaponry capable of being shot out normally or charged up.

The Zappfly is also one of the only two Live Ammo in the game that cannot be upgraded, aside from the Sniper Wasp.

When not lit, they are used as fast-firing bullets good for eight quick, low-damaging shots. When lit up they release an electrical charge, useful for activating machines or to knock out enemies by depleting their stamina.

One charged shot can knock out enemies while three can kill them. However, if an enemy is too big/powerful or they're a boss then it only takes away a bit of their stamina.



  • Strangely enough, despite the Zappfly's electric capabilities, it doesn't electrify bodies of water.
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