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Faction Industrial
Class Unknown
Family Unknown
Homeland Western Mudos
Role Worker
Conservation Status Least Concern

Wolvarks serve the Sekto Springs Bottled Water Company by running factories and doubling as security for those facilities. They often bully the Grubbs, and continue to force them off of what little land they have. There only seems to be male Wolvarks in the game, that or it's only the males who work for Mr. Sekto and cause trouble. Unlike the Clakkerz and Outlaws, who have Western accents, Wolvarks appear to have Southern accents. They are extremely fond of taxidermy and are known to watch the Larry Flinger Show. There are 5 types of Wolvarks:

  • shooters, whose guns look like pick-axe,
  • semi-autos, whose guns shoot really fast,
  • slog-handlers (on Western Mudos they're called sleg-handlers) who let out Slegs to attack you,
  • grenadiers, who carry shields similar to S.W.A.T. shields, and throw grenades which stick to the player if hit by them
  • snipers, carrying sniper rifles and infra-red goggles.

They are skinny, ugly and scaly creatures with a tail.

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