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Wells are a method of transport in Oddworld commonly used by Mudokons and other creatures to travel short distances.

Appearance and function Edit

Wells look very similar to the wells seen in real life, however they do not have water in them. Instead, they are connected to wide pipes which appear to travel underground. These pipes allow wells to be connected to one another, allowing travel between the connected wells.

Wells generally function in two ways. Both of these functions are activated by jumping into them:

  1. The well will allow a creature to travel inside of it and be ejected at another connected well.
  2. The well will immediately eject a creature out at considerable velocity, allowing them to travel long distances through the air. Wells with this function are sometimes ‘chained’ together, with multiple wells ejecting a creature from one to the next, forming a path that covers a great distance in a short amount of time.

Wells appear to rely on some form of vacuum or air pressure system, as when a creature jumps into a well a sound similar to air being sucked in can be heard, and when a creature is ejected a sound similar to air being pushed out can be heard.

Abe's Oddysee Edit

Wells first appear in Abe's Oddysee. They are first encountered in Monsaic Lines.

Abe's Exoddus Edit

Wells return in Abe's Exoddus with an identical function to the wells in Abe's Oddysee. They are first encountered in Necrum Mines.

Munch's Oddysee Edit


Three different wells as seen in Munch's Oddysee

Wells return in Munch's Oddysee with a similar function to their previous appearances. They are commonly used to gain access to higher points to continue on with the level. Both Abe and Munch can enter wells, and Abe can pick up and throw Munch or other Mudokons into them to transport them. When a creature is ejected from a well, they are surrounded by orange particles and smoke.

They are found in Native and Industrial locations. The Native versions retain their appearance from previous games, while the Industrial versions are constructed from metal and have a mechanical appearance.

When locked, wells are sealed with a dome which fills the entire width of the well and blocks entry. They can be unlocked using levers, Chant Circles, or Spoocelocks.

Water wells Edit

Water wells are a variant of well which are only found standing in bodies of water. They have a similar appearance to regular wells, but are narrower and their entrances are raised higher. They function similarly to regular wells, but can only be accessed by Munch by jumping from the water.

The Big Well Edit

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Appearances Edit

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