Vykker's Labs. Molding the future out of you.

— Vykker's Labs Motto

Vykkers Labs, or Vykkers Labs 13 as seen in Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee, was a large airborne lab which promotes cruelty toward animals and the latest in pharmaceuticals. It's run by, as the name suggests, the sadistic Vykkers, with Irwin and Humphrey being the main bosses. Next down the chain of command at the Labs are the Interns, who served the Vykkers. Vykkers Labs often experimented on animals, having produced products such as Gum Rot, Butt-Flo, Baby Chow, and Chill Pills by first testing them on the innocent Fuzzles. The Labs also produced and distributed Mudokon Labor Eggs, hatched by the enslaved Mudokon Queen, Sam. Vykkers' Labs was also responsible for the near-extinction of Gabbits, having sold their eggs as an edible delicacy, Gabbiar, and using their lungs as emergency transplants for those with lung problems such as cancer. However, when they captured Munch, the last Gabbit, instead of turning him into food or selling him on for a hefty price, Irwin and Humphrey inserted a sonar port into his head, in an attempt to use Munch as a means of rounding up more creatures to experiment upon. However, Munch escapes, and together with Abe, brought the Labs to its knees, leaving Oddworld's pharmaceutical business severely damaged. Shortly after retrieving the last can of Gabbiar, Abe explains how whenever he leaves such a horrible place, they usually explode. Munch tells him that the Fuzzles had already dealt with that. Humphrey and Irwin then entered the lab to find loads of explosives, one with a digital screen, saying "Guess Who?" meaning the Fuzzles. They cry and embraced each other as they prepare for the Lab's inevitable destruction. The Lab then plummeted down to the surface of Mudos in a ball of flames.

Facility Exterior[edit | edit source]

The exterior of Vykkers Labs is a massive saucer-shaped airship, with the company's name inscribed on the lower surface of the structure. The lab features what appears to be a gravity lift on its base which is used to abduct unsuspecting future test subjects. The facility appears to be a kilometer in length and several stories tall. The lab can be accessed either via gravity lift, through means of air transportation (aircraft) or (when Abe first went to rescue Munch) the Big Well.

Facility Interior[edit | edit source]

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