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Vykker Pods were small vehicles used by the Vykkers that were designed to retrieve captured wildlife for research purposes on Vykkers Labs. It uses its scorpion-like syringe to sedate the animals and mechanical claws to pick them up. Vykker pods were used by Vykkers such as Irwin and Humphrey to retrieve Munch, who was the last Gabbit at the time.


The Vykker Pods are small hovering vehicles that the Vyykers use to navigate through the vast continent of Mudos. They are able to dock upon their own Vyyker Labs platforms and are used in the extraction of varying species used for their varying products. 

Appearance []

These pods look like UFOs that have enough space for a single Vyyker to fit within it. The outside had blinking lights that appear to be beacons or sensors of some kind as their middle part is made up of the same design used in their blimps. 

The lower part of the Vykker Pod has scorpion like syringes used to sedate the animal that is their target and then use their set of mechanical claws to pick them up and escort them to their wanted position. 


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