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Vykkers are an industrialist race of tripedal creatures native to Eastern Mudos, though some were known to have traveled further afield to the West (see Vykker Doc). Commonly scientists or doctors, most Vykkers were employed by the Vykker's Conglomerate in such establishments as Vykkers Labs.


Vykkers are an androgynous, hermaphroditic race of purple-skinned tripeds. They have frail bodies with disproportionately large heads and small, beady eyes. As a result of self-inflicted life-extending surgery, which allows Vykkers to survive long past their natural lifespan, their skin is wrinkled and saggy, with bones, veins, and muscles easily visible.

The skeletal system of a Vykker.

Vykkers have a total of seven limbs. Four of these are short, spindly arms, each ending in three long-clawed digits (but no discernible hand). Notably, the claws themselves are used for gripping objects, as opposed to the digits, which are short and stubby in comparison. The remaining limbs are legs, arranged in a tripodal stance with two facing forwards and one backward. These are also short and stubby.

Unlike a number of other Industrialist species on Mudos, Vykkers are hermaphroditic rather than eusocial. That is to say that, unlike Glukkons, Sligs, and Mudokons, Vykkers have no queen or defined class structure. Like Mudokons, Vykkers show little regard for clothing, usually dressing in little more than a loincloth, though headgear and eyewear are also common. The vast majority of Vykkers speak in a shrill, whiny voice, though some have a much deeper register (see Headley).

Although they bear a passing resemblance to the Glukkons (and indeed the rest of the Octigi family), Vykkers belong to a distinct taxonomic order. The only other species known to exist within this order are the Interns, who are often exploited by their Vykker cousins as an indentured labor and security forces.


Vykkers are almost universally affiliated with the Vykker’s Conglomerate, an industrial corporation based in Eastern Mudos which works closely with the Magog Cartel run by the Glukkons. Though they are shown to place less value in financial success than their Glukkon business partners, some Vykkers are quite wealthy, and several were seen to flaunt their wealth in an exclusive auction for the last can of Gabbiar on Oddworld.

Vykkers are highly respected by the other Industrialist races of Eastern Mudos for their extensive knowledge of science and medicine. This knowledge is often used by Vykkers in order to extend their own lives by hundreds of years. In addition to this, through organizations such as pharmaceuticals, Vykkers apply their scientific knowledge to the research and development (often through animal testing) of a variety of medical products. It has been remarked that the fact Vykkers enjoy inflicting pain and unnecessary suffering on other species is a ‘happy coincidence’ considering their particular field of expertise. It's through this testing that the Vykkers continued to further their science at the cost of the near-extinction of indigenous species such as Gabbits.

Vykkers Humphrey and Irwin contemplate sonar transplants

In contrast to other ruling Industrialist races such as the Glukkons, Vykkers are more than capable of defending themselves, thanks mostly to their sharp, highly dexterous claws. Although preferring to employ lower Industrialist species for their grunt work, such as Sligs and Interns, Vykkers themselves will fight if necessary, with some gladly joining in using their laboratory syringes and meat cleavers as weapons. That being said, Vykkers are individualistic to the extreme. Despite their obsession with inflicting pain on others, a Vykker may quickly be reduced to a sobbing wreck when this pain is reciprocated.

Nevertheless, some Vykkers also have sadomasochistic tendencies, and in actuality do enjoy having pain inflicted upon themselves. Some such Vykkers were seen to attend the Gabbiar auction on Vykkers Labs 13. These individuals had grafted strips of skin onto their own faces from other parts of the body.

Though the Vykkers primarily operated within the Vykker’s Conglomerate in Eastern Mudos, some were shown to be freelancers. One notable example is that of the Vykker Doc, who traveled to Western Mudos to apply his trade at exorbitant prices.

Variants and Purposes[]

Munch's Odyssey[]


Main article: Scientist

Scientists are the most common form of employment for Vykkers. As they are civilians for all intents and purposes, they are unarmed and unarmored.


Main article: Sawbones

Sawbones are medical Vykkers skilled in wielding the deadly Hack Saw. They are situated in either Vykkers Labs or in medical facilities.

Shot Doc[]

Main article: Shot Doc

Shot Docs are Vykkers who have a militaristic edge, they are trained and armed with SnUzis making them a threat to Abe and Munch.

Armored Scientist[]

Main article: Armored Scientist

Some Scientists work in extremely hazardous or classified areas, as such, they adorn themselves in powerful ablative armor for added protection.

Armored Sawbones[]

Main article: Armored Sawbones

Armored Sawbones are veteran Vykker doctors found in the deepest layers of Vykkers Labs. Their armor plus their Hack Saw makes them the most dangerous close-combat enemies in the game.

Armored Shot Doc[]

Main article: Armored Shot Doc

Armored Shot Doc are the most experienced type of Vykkers. They are clad in the same armor as their lesser cousins and their SnUzis makes them a force to be reckoned with.

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  • The concept for the Vykkers was inspired by UFO abduction stories from real-world popular culture. The creatures resemble ‘typical’ aliens and Vykkers Labs itself is reminiscent of a flying saucer.
  • Though the biological classification of Vykkers remains unknown, they are confirmed to exist within the same taxonomic order as their subservient Interns.

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