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The Valet was Lulu's personal assistant until Lulu went bankrupt and then the Valet left him stranded. Before he worked for Lulu, Valet presented a TV show called 'Name That Trauma', as he believed he was born to be an entertainer.

Munch's Oddysee[]

The Valet only appears in the ending for Munch's Oddysee. His fate is determined by whether the player attains the Good or Bad Ending.

Good Ending[]

Lulu goes bankrupt and the Valet abandons him since he is unable to pay him.

Bad Ending[]

The Valet stays by Lulu's side with fame and fortune.



*The Valet Slig is the only Slig in the Oddworld series not voiced by Lorne Lanning, instead being voiced by Sean Miller.