Hello everyone!

In my ongoing effort to raise the quality of usability of this wiki I have overhauled the various notifications sometimes shown on articles. These used to be absolute enormous boxes with a little bit of text in them to notify users about issues with an article. Of course the image and the quote were a fun touch, but the overall size of the message boxes caused huge gaps of white space in articles and generally didn't make them any more pleasant to read.

Taking inspiration from some of the more established wiki's out there, the notifications have been trimmed down so they can easily be added to articles without instantly messing up the page and becoming an eye-sore. The following notifications have been redesigned:

{{Admin}} {{Cleanup}} {{Delete}} {{Stub}}

In addition a number of new notifications have been added. The 'upcoming' notification has replaced the 'new content' notification as it better describes the content it is to be used on.

{{Section}} {{Upcoming}} {{Update}} {{Wikify}}

Finally the 'under construction' notification has been removed completely as it suggested that only certain editors were allowed to edit the article, essentially shooing potential editors away with the 'check back later' message.

Whenever a notification is added to an article, that article is automatically placed into an associated category so everyone can easily find articles that need attention. Certain notifications, such as 'delete' and 'cleanup', also allow you to enter a reason for why the notifications was added. More notification types may be added in the future as they become needed.

Please feel free to add these notifications to any article that needs them so more editors might feel compelled to help out and identify problems with articles at a glance.

Happy editing!