Many things are happening with the Oddworld series lately. SoulStorm is only a few months away from release and information is slowly being released. Lorne Lanning has confirmed that the series has been rebooted and with that comes a challenge for those of us documenting lore. For the wiki specifically we're currently dealing with the question of how to handle the new lore, some of which directly conflicts with the old lore. I've come up with some decent guidelines on this subject, but these still need to be fleshed out and will be posted at a later time closer to Soulstorm's release. For the moment any editing on the wiki is business as usual. New images from Soulstorm can be added to articles where possible, but any major rewrites of articles are going to wait until the game is actually released and the scope of the lore conflicts becomes apparent.

Rest assured that even without Soulstorm creating a mountain of work for the wiki editors, there is still plenty of other work to do. Not everything is always directly visible, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes. There are still many old infoboxes on the wiki that need to be replaced, many pages are missing navboxes and there are tons of pages that need to be cleaned up or fixed in one way or another. New functionality is slowly added to the wiki from time to time as well, all in an effort to bring the quality of our little Oddworld corner up to a much higher standard.

I've been an administrator for the Oddworld Wiki for about 2 years now, and as such I think this is a good time to also thank everyone who has been contributing to this wiki by my side. It's a daunting task to maintain a wiki essentially by yourself, so every little edit someone else makes is one I no longer have to worry about. And with Oddworld slowly coming back into the spotlight of the gaming industry, we can only hope more new editors will feel compelled to help out as well. So rest assured, your work is highly appreciated! From the most complex edits to the smallest corrections, it all adds up. Thank you!

Lastly, you may have noticed the front page of the wiki has changed a little again. Blog posts like these now show up on the right hand side and I intend to use these blogs to keep the community up to date in the future. These types of posts will mostly be from wiki admins and moderators, but if you wish to write a guest post and have it show up on the front page, give me a shout and we'll make it happen!

Thanks again everyone, and happy editing!