Hello all you Oddworldians!

In this first new blog in almost two years it's time we have a talk about graphics! No, not the pretty graphics from the Soulstorm cinematic that Oddworld Inhabitants showed off at Unity GDC this year. I'm talking about the graphics on our very own little wiki. Over the years the wiki has undergone many graphical style changes (if you're curious how it all looked in 2013, have a look at this page in the Way Back Machine), but today the wiki has a fairly uniform theme. The colors are easy on the eyes and thanks to the "efforts" of Wikia/Fandom the layout of articles have changed a fair bit as well, though if this is for better or worse is up to personal opinion.

One of the things that survived from the old layouts for an impressive amount of time was the wiki logo. By no means bad for the time, but fairly dated now, especially since Oddworld Inhabitants have also modernized their logo when they reopened the studio. And so, since today, the Oddworld Wiki has a brand new shiny logo that aims to keep in line with Oddworld Inhabitants' own brand style.

While I think it's a good step in the continued modernization of The Oddworld Wiki, I'm by no means a seasoned graphical designer and the current logo is the result of about an hour in Photoshop. So if anyone wishes to put their skills to use and propose their own logo, by all means don't be shy and show us your ideas!

In the future there will be more of these graphical changes to slowly bring the wiki to a single uniform design. First up is the front page, which is in dire need of a touch up. After that I want to revisit the infoboxes, navboxes and notification templates to bring them all in line with each other.

On that note, help is always appreciated! If you're into graphics/website design, know your way around code or a wiki, don't hesitate to get involved! All help is appreciated.

Happy editing!


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