Ah, the smell of victory is coming. Throw the ashes and fire, risses soon Oddworld Abe's Odysee HD. Im putting myself some questions. Its going to be awsome? People really expect this? Well, i can hardly say that, my friends, were at the begining of a " long journey ".

Several days ago, a friend sent me a link. Surprisingly, it was related to Abe's Odysee HD. An important article describes the work and the progression of the game itself. " Amazing! " i said exited. " Now this is a perfect piece of information! "

A part, it looks something like this : " Abe’s Oddysee enjoyed wide success when it was released back on the original Playstation in 1997. While a 2D platformer at heart, Abe’s Oddysee features a lot of puzzle solving through the art of mind control. The physic alien must use these powers to rescue his fellow slaves from slaughter at their hands of their employer RuptureFarms meat packing factory. "

It not ends here however. We have some special spots : " The Abe’s Oddysee HD remake is being aimed for a Summer 2013. The original game and its sequel Abe’s Exodus are both available on the Playstation store for $9.99. The HD port of Stranger’s Wrath is already available through Steam and the Playstation Network, but the Vita version won’t happen until this coming June. "

Maybe you know this, maybe not. However, its a good thing to inform our Oddworld fans about everything.

Interested in some more? Please take a look here : Abe's Odysee HD Articleand tell me how it is.



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