Nnt boxart featured DSBA2

"Ze Boilah" is overheating in this part of this country! - many inhabitants and employees waiting for the big day, as we may speak. It's not just a normal's a new perspective, a new graphic model, new cutscenes, and a new gameplay. 

After the big day, what next? Well, in this way, the problem becomes complex. On which console? Or on PC? These two questions are hard to be answered. Of course, some will say: Console! Or, PS Vita! Others, will pretend not hearing the first ones and will shout: PC!

Anyway, i can predict that new people will come in our Oddworld Wikia - some new, some old - rejoining this lost and powerfull community. The Oddworld Wikia will become more popular ( i hope so ) in the future days of releasing the New 'n' Tasty game. 

From ashes to ashes, from dust to dust, Oddworld will prevail!

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