Hello my fellow Modukun Warriors! :)

Like to Blog title allready says: I am looking for someone who is willing and thinks he can draw me a very specific version of Abe. I want to get a very cool Abe tattoo, since Abe's Oddysee was my very first game as a child, and made me into the gamer i am today. Without Abe, no Games! My love for Oddworld is enormous. and i would love to have this specific piece of Abe on my body. 

The thing is: I have this version of Abe all sketched out in my mind, but sadly enough i can't put it on paper the way i would want it to be. Thats why im searching for someone with a talent for drawing and passion for Abe just like me! If you think you have the skills to draw me my Warrior Abe, please feel free to contact me over here, or just send me an email to

Please someone :D Make my Warrior Abe come to life! :) cheers.

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