Tiny is Meagly McGraw's right-hand man. He carries no firearms but is stronger than both Elboze and four nailers put together. Despite his great strength, he has a very low I.Q. level. Meagley rides on Tiny's shoulders with the help of a backpack-like device. Tiny uses spiky knuckle dusters to smash his enemies while McGraw shoots with arrows. He is fought at Beeks Opple Farm. After he is defeated, it leaves Meagly in a much more vulnerable position while fighting Stranger.

Description and Mannerisms  Edit

Tiny has a stocky muscular build to top off his hunched back. He wears a sleeveless shirt and pants rolled up as he has a mask similar to the Nailer Variant of Outlaws do within the game. His muscles are big compared to his boss, hinting at him working out as he carries his boss around on his shoulders. He has big hands that come in handy when he packs a punch. Tiny is somewhat slow and lumbering but he can use this to his advantage, building up momentum and strength to send others flying. 

Trivia Edit

  • Even though he is an Outlaw Minion, he is fought as a boss enemy.
  • He is the only Outlaw in the game (apart from Skuz) who cannot be captured alive, in fact, you can't bring him in dead either for that matter, he simply explodes upon death.


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