• I’d like to start a discussion to help decide the best way to approach cutscenes and transcripts for cutscenes.

    Currently both of these categories are incomplete (SW cutscenes are definitely missing, and not every page contains a relevant video file), and many of the pages also are poorly formatted or have incorrect information.

    I feel that there’s also a duplication issue here – the transcript pages are transcripts for cutscenes, but the cutscene pages also contain transcripts.

    I would like to propose the following:

    • We merge these two categories into one consistent Cutscenes category
    • The new Cutscenes category is given a consistent format, with each page containing a video of the cutscene and a transcript of the cutscene
    • Cutscene pages should also be categorized by game (e.g. “Abe's Oddysee Cutscenes”, “Stranger's Wrath Cutscenes” etc.)
    • Cutscenes for each game should have a Next/Previous navigation system similar to how Level pages are organized.
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    • Don't really have anything to add to this. These are all solid ideas that are easy enough to implement. I'll construct an infobox for cutscene pages that will include the following:

      • Next/Previous navigation system
      • Screenshot of the cutscene
      • What game it's from
      • The type of cutscene (full CGI or pre-rendered in-engine)

      If there's any more info that could be added, please let me know :)

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    • Great, I’ll start rounding up all the existing pages and start renaming and recategorizing them to be consistent and fit with the new system – let me know when the infobox is ready and we can start adding it to them.

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    • The infobox is ready: Infobox cutscene.

      I think we should also change the naming convention of these pages and keep them as close as possible to the original cutscene names (which I can't all remember from the top of my head, but as far as I remember they all have unique names). Edit: I renamed all Oddysee cutscenes, will get to Exoddus, Munch's Oddysee and Stranger's Wrath eventually.

      Lastly, while editing, please remove the transcript category from pages all together since we're replacing that category entirely with the cutscenes category.

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    • I agree with giving them consistent names. I think the naming convention should be “Unique name (Game Cutscene)”, e.g. “Captured By Outlaws (Stranger's Wrath Cutscene)”. This would prevent any confusion as to what game each cutscene is from.

      All cutscene pages have been tagged with Cutscenes and one of the following:

      I didn’t want to remove any pre-existing tags until I had given everything its new tags; that’s now done.

      I believe there’s also a couple of cutscenes missing pages, but until I get a complete list for every game I don’t know for sure.

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    • The page summary, category and infobox should all provide enough clarity about what game each cutscene is for. I'd prefer  to keep page titles as short as possible and only add clarification when absolutely required.

      For Abe's Oddysee the "Oddworld Intro" and "Credits" are missing but neither of those really need a transcript.

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    • OK, that makes sense.

      I’ve removed the Transcripts category from all pages except the pages made to list all the Transcripts for each game, and I’ve marked those for deletion since the Cutscene tags replace their function.

      I can’t find an online reference for the cutscene names, so I’ll have to fire up the games themselves to get an accurate list (I’m pretty sure you can get the cutscene player using a cheat in every game, and if not I probably have complete save files anyway).

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    • Yeah that's how I got the names for Abe's Oddysee. I'm pretty sure MO and SW have seperate movie menus as well.

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    • Abe's Exoddus cutscene titles (excluding the credits etc):

      •  Prophecy
      •  Vision
      •  Game Opening
      •  Brew
      •  Brew Transition
      •  Escape
      •  Reward
      •  FeeCo
      •  Information Booth
      •  Train 1 [train for Slig Barracks]
      •  Train 2 [SoulStorm Brewery]
      •  Train 3 [Bonewerkz]
      •  Aslik Info
      •  Aslik Explodes
      •  Dripek Info [spelling mistake intentional – what's the policy on if the source has a spelling error?]
      •  Dripek Explodes
      •  Phleg Info
      •  Phleg Explodes
      •  SoulStorm Info
      •  Ingredient
      •  Conference
      •  Happy Ending
      •  Sad Ending
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    • Stranger's Wrath cutscenes are all named correctly as per the HD version. Not sure if some of the cutscenes have different names in the original Xbox version though.

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    • What makes you think the spelling mistake is intentional?

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    • I mean that the spelling mistake is in the game itself, not a spelling error on my part. The Exoddus cutscenes refer to Dripik as Dripek, which may have been an earlier name for the character and never fixed in the cutscene list?

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    • Ah okay, that makes sense. I'll correct it here on the wiki then, since it was an obvious mistake left in the game.

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    • By the way, could you detail the first three names on that list? I'm not sure which is which.

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    • Sure:

      • Prophecy is the poem at the very beginning of the game.
      • Vision covers everything from the first shot of Abe’s moon (“This is Necrum...”) to the Mudokons finding Necrum in the desert.
      • Game Opening is the short cutscene of the Mudokons climbing over the boarded-up entrance to Necrum, which ends with the transition to the first gameplay screen.
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