• There are a number of general upgrades and improvements that this wiki is currently going through. Most of these are large projects and will take some time to fully complete.

    New infoboxes

    This change is two-fold. First of all, the old infoboxes were in dire need of a makeover. Not only visually, but also in terms of available data entries. Secondly, Wikia has introduced a new infobox markup language that aims to better translate infoboxes to mobile platforms. All infoboxes on The Oddworld Wiki will be converted to this new format, making our pages look much better on mobile devices.

    Replacing the infoboxes on each page is a manual process, however, and thus means a lot of work. We currently have some 410 pages, with the majority needing their infobox replaced or needing an infobox added all together. Of course everyone is free to contribute, so if you see a page that still has an old infobox or needs one added, you can add one of the preexisting templates and fill it in as best you can. There are currently 4 infobox templates planned:

    The finished templates are considered ready for use, but if you feel there are more data entries that could be added to them please discuss this here on the forums. Documentation for these templates is something that needs to be done too. If you feel you can decipher the parameters on the template, feel free to start writing documentation pages for these templates.

    Message boxes

    These are the notices that are occasionally shown at the top of a page. They indicate an issue with the article in some form and are meant to bring this to the attention of fellow editors (and in rare cases, the readers). Everyone is free (and encouraged) to add these notices to articles where they are needed as this will not only inform existing editors, but may also attract new editors willing to fix what needs fixing. All current 'article management templates', as they are called, can be found here:

    Once again, more in depth documentation needs to be written for most of these.

    Navigation boxes

    Similar to message boxes, these notices aim to inform a reader about pages with similar names or content that may be confused with one another. They are placed at the top of a page and can hold a number of links to alternative pages the reader may have been looking for instead. This helps both the navigation of our wiki, as well as the inter connectivity of articles. Add them whenever you feel they are needed. All navigational templates may be found here:

    And again, documentation for these templates still needs to be written.

    Hope this informs everyone of some of the improvements that are being made to this wiki and how you can help out. Many hands make light work, after all :)


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    • Infoboxes for species is done and ready to be added to relevant articles.

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