Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Infobox template for location and level pages.


Place this template at the top of the article, below any article management templates and before any of the article text. You may check the source editor to make sure the code is in the right position.


Parameter Description
Previous Link to the previous level if template is used on a level page.
Next Link to the next level if the template is used on a level page.
Name Overrides the default name of the article. Can usually be left blank.
Image Sets the image for the infobox. Only the filename is needed, the template automatically resizes the image appropriately.
Type The type of location (e.g. factory, temple, store, etc.).
Location The continent this location is found on. Currently only Mudos is the only known continent. May be split into Eastern Mudos and Western Mudos.
Part of The major location this location is a part of, if applicable (e.g Tunnel 1 would be part of the Necrum Mines).
Sections The known sections that are found in this location (e.g. Zulags, tunnels, annexes, blocks, etc.).
Buildings Important buildings that can be found in this location, if applicable.
Owners Who owns this location, if anyone.
Leaders Who runs or controls this location, if anyone.
Services Services that can be found in this location (e.g. General Store, Bounty Store).
Security The type of security found in this location (e.g. Sligs, Slogs, Wolvarks, Greeters).
Wildlife The types of wildlife that can be found in this location, both hostile and friendly (e.g. Scrabs, Paramites, Skunkz).
Mudokons The number of savable Mudokons in this location.
Fuzzles The number of savable Fuzzles in this location.
Eggs The number of savable Labor Egg Crates in this location.
Meat barrels The number of hidden meat barrels that can be found in this location.
Moolah chests The number of Moolah chests that can be found in this location.
Crystals The number of Orange Crystals that can be found in this location.
Connects The other locations this location connects to in-game or in lore (use 'next' and 'previous' if this template is used on a level page).
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