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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

The Delete template is an article management template based on Mbox. It may be used by anyone to nominate an article for deletion from the wiki. Articles with the Delete template on them are automatically added to the Candidates for deletion category. To suggest a merge of two articles covering the same subject, please use the merge template.


The Delete template should be placed at the very top of an article, above any other management templates. It is also the only template that should be placed above any navigational templates, as it is a very important notice. Always fill out the reason field when adding the template. Nominations without a reason will be removed.



Short reason why you think the article should be deleted.

Source editor


Nomination process

Articles may be nominated for deletion by users when they feel the article is out of place or otherwise should not exist. Placing the template at the top of an article acts as a nomination, after which other editors may voice their opinion on the matter on the article's talk page. The nomination will run for at least fourteen days, after which an administrator will determine if the article will be deleted or not based on community feedback. If you feel a deletion nomination has gone on for too long, please notify an administrator to deal with the issue.

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