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Stunkz are mammal rodents known for their foul smell. They are found in Western Mudos and

resemble the real world skunk.


Stunkz are social mammals that make their homes in mushroom clusters. They move via a hopping motion upon four tiny legs. They bear a striking resemblance to Chippunks, to whom they are almost certainly a relation; however, unlike the Chippunk the Stunk has no form of sentience or ability to communicate. They instead defend themselves with a noxious green gas which they release when agitated. This smell is so powerful it will cause nearby fauna many times larger than it to vomit uncontrollably. Although not quite as common as the Chippunk, Stunk nests riddle Western Mudos and can be found virtually anywhere.

Functions as Live Ammunition[]

When launched, it explodes when it hits a surface into a cloud of green gas. Any enemies caught in the green gas will start to throw up violently. Whilst in this state they can be bountied, however, the effect wears off more quickly than the Bolamite or the Zappfly, so bounty hunters using them are advised to act fast to get the most out of them. Stunkz has no effect on bosses.

This is a pure Immobilisation type of ammunition which can be upgraded into the Spark Stunkz.

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