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This page is about the level in Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. For the location, see RuptureFarms.
For the level in Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, see Stockyards (New 'n' Tasty).

Stockyard Escape is the second level of Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee.


Start this level with an easy jump across the bomb pit. Make a mental note of the hint about motion detectors. As soon as you enter the next screen begin to chant to rescue Mudokon 29 who is working below in the shadows. Hesitate and he is Scrab-bait. Crossing this screen isn't too hard. The beams can touch you as long as you are NOT moving. Get the timing down and walk-stop-walk-stop making sure to stop when a beam approaches.

When you reach the next screen drop into the pit on the right and enter the dark doorway. You will reappear way back in the background so proceed to your left and chant to open the bird portal and hop in.

Secret area A[]

As soon as you appear, chant to open your escape portal below. Drop down and run to the right and turn and retreat as soon as that Scrab sees you and shrieks. Run back and jump to the ledge and pull up. Now get the attention of one of the Mudokons and when the Scrab is facing the left wall say "Follow Me" and start running to the right. Jump the gap in the next room and jump the two gaps in the room after that. On the next screen jump and grab the ledge and pull up just as the angry Scrab arrives. As he paces about in frustration below you can chant to open the portal and send the first Mudokon on his way. Wait for the Scrab to face the right wall then repeat the previous run in reverse ending up on the left ledge this time. Get the attention of the remaining Mudokon and repeat the process all over again. After you have rescued Mudokons 30 & 31 wait for the Scrab to face the right and run back to the left and this time hop into the portal which you so wisely opened in advance.

Back in the Stockyard you must now jump the Scrab to your left. You can do a running jump or jump and hang but if you choose to hang make sure the Scrab is nowhere near that side of the pit. The next screen has another Scrab in another pit but this pit is way too large to jump. Wait for the Scrab to get beneath you on the right side then jump to the bottom of the pit and immediately do a running jump to the left ledge and pull up just in time.

The next screen is the first of many night scenes so get used to lots of shadows. Chant to read the fireflies' message then proceed to the next screen. Jump the bomb and fall into the pit. You should automatically hang from the ledge. Wait for the Slig (who woke up when you jumped) to leave the screen then get up and sneak to the shadows. When he passes by sneak to the left and hide in the shadows on the next screen.

Wait for both Sligs to leave the screen then drop down and roll to the shadowy rock on the left. When the Slig above you is gone and the Slig on your level is to the right, sneak to your left and jump the bomb on the next screen. Turn and lower yourself down before the Slig returns. You should now be on a ledge with a Anti-Chant droid. Now why would they not want you to chant here? Perhaps its that bird portal in the shadows. Chant to open the portal and jump in after you take a small zap from the droid.

Secret area B[]

Jump as soon as you exit the portal. A Slig is firing in your general direction. When both Sligs are gone pull up and run to the right. Run right past the surprised Slig and jump when you are right on top of him. You should grab the right edge of the pit and hang. Dangle there until both Sligs are gone then pull up; say "hello, follow me" and jump to the left to lead the Mudokon away from the bomb. Tell him to "wait" when he is near the left edge of the screen then jump and dangle again as the Sligs return. The top Slig will probably beat the Mudokon for moving but he will survive and the Slig will "pay" later. When both Sligs are gone, repeat the process and dangle once more. When the Sligs leave again pull up then pull up to the top level and arm the bomb. Drop down and jump and hang from the left edge of the pit. NOTE: You cannot lower yourself down on the edges of this pit. You MUST jump and hang.

The top Slig should walk right into the bomb on his next pass. When the bottom Slig is gone pull up and jump back to the right and go up and lead Mudokons 32 & 33 to the left and freedom. Back on the top right screen wait for the Slig to walk beneath you and say "Hello". He will return the greeting as he walks off the edge of the pit and falls to his screaming death. Repeat the greeting if this doesn't work the first time. Drop down and return to the left and exit through the bird portal.

Once you're back to the night sky you need to get on the left of the bomb and arm it. Then carefully proceed to the screen on your left. Hide in the shadows and wait for both Sligs to start marching away from you. Move toward them to get their attention then turn and run to the previous screen jumping over the bomb and grabbing the ledge in the same leap. One of the Sligs should chase you and run right into the bomb. Now return to the left screen and hide in the shadows again. Wait for the Slig to start marching away from you. When he is in the middle of the screen run past him and jump and grab the ledge and pull up. WARNING: If you die on this screen you will need to go back and re-save Mudokon 32 & 33 in SECRET AREA B.

Proceed to the next screen and read the firefly message. Continue left and when the bats are gone lower yourself down. When you land move to the left then jump to the right to hang from the ledge and wait for the Slig you just woke up to leave the screen. Pull up when he is gone and move towards the right edge of the screen. When you hear the Slig approaching run to the next screen and jump, grab and pull up to the center column. Chant to open the bird portal. Take your hit from the droid and wait for the Slig to leave again then jump down and enter the portal.

Secret area C[]

You start right next to a Mudokon, and a Slig shows up almost immediately. Chant to possess him then fall off the ledge to the right then again to the left. Say "Hi" so you blend in with "the guys" then drop down and waste them. Make sure you have both Sligs on the same side of you and if a Mudokon is in the line of fire be sure to yell "Look Out" so he ducks. Explode your host and start leading the Mudokons up here down below. Lead them both down on the LEFT side, (on the right side they'll jump on the bomb.) Remember to repeat the "follow me" command to make them jump off ledges. When you have all 4 of them on the floor chant to save Mudokons 34-37. Walk to the left screen and chant to open your escape portal to return to where this entire sequence began.

Now you need to get some rocks but a Slig is guarding them. Continue to the left until you see the inactive bomb. Walk to the edge and when the Slig leaves drop down - arm the bomb - and pull up just as the Slig returns and blows himself up. Drop down and head right and collect some rocks then run back to the left and jump and grab and pull up onto the ledge and continue left. Wait for the bats to disperse then drop down to the next two ledges.

At the bottom, head to the right and chant to open the portal. Stand at the left edge of the screen and toss the rocks to destroy the bombs then jump down and enter the portal.

Secret area D[]

Start rolling as soon as you exit the portal stopping short of the bombs. You will be hidden in the shadows from the Slig on duty to the right. Each time he turns his back do a standing jump to the next gap in the bombs. The Slig will spin around so stay still until he turns around, then repeat. Now turn and get ready to jump and pull yourself up as soon as the Slig down here turns his back and the Slig up top is moving left. Up top, turn and jump to the shadows on the right. Wait for the Slig to turn his back then head right rolling into a safe zone.
Start chanting to send the bottom Slig running into the bombs. Take over the other Slig up top and head left. Kill the Slig up here then greet your "friends" below. You can then drop down and get both Sligs in your line of fire. Tell the Mudokons to "look out" and waste the other Sligs. Explode your host then return to the left - jump the gap and continue left to chant and rescue Mudokon 38. Return to the right and open your own portal and leave this area.

Back outside, head left and load up on rocks. HINT: You cannot take more rocks if you have even a single rock in your possession. Sometimes it is better to toss away that last rock so you can TAKE 3 new ones from a sack. At the next screen we have a Slig who has foolishly fallen asleep next to a bomb. Detonate the bomb with a rock to take out the Slig then continue on to the graveyard.

Sneak to each shadow until you are at the far left, then when the Slig passes, run to the left and immediately jump to the ledge and roll into safety. Chant for some encouraging words from your firefly friends then move on to the left. Load up on rocks if necessary then get ready for some fun. The fireflies give you a clue of what's to come so drop down and climb back up on the left. Hop over the bomb and carefully enter the next screen. Your first Slog awaits. It just growls at you until you provoke it so "fart" to send him into a rabid frenzy. Run back to the right and hop the bomb as the Slog chasing you explodes in a rain of doggie-chunks. Before going back up let's take care of another secret area. Roll behind the campfire to drop down to the next level.

First thing, chant to open the portal for your eventual escape. Now toss some rocks to eliminate those bombs in your path. The Slog below will still be trying to bite you so move to the left and when he jumps at you run off the ledge and continue right. Roll in mid-run to pass through the tunnel and jump to the ledge on the other side. Wait for the Slog start jumping for you again then repeat the run - roll - run and jump into that portal you opened earlier.

Secret area E[]

Sneak to the right so as not to wake the sleeping Slog. Continue sneaking to the ledge and pull yourself up and chant to send Mudokon 39 to join his 38 friends. Head left and chant to open the portal for your exit. Now run back to the right and jump to the floor and back to the ledge on the right. When the Slog is nipping at your heels again make a run for the portal to your left.

Back on the surface, you can reload your arsenal of rocks and head left. Go 2 screens then drop down and go right and drop into the room below and chant to open the portal to the final secret on this level.

Secret area F[]

Take off running as soon as you appear. A slog will be hot on your heels so keep running and jump to the ledge and exit to the door on the right. Chant to free Mudokon 40 then head left to chant and open the portal for you to use. Now go back right and exit the door you entered from and run left off of the ledge and continue left until you jump into the bird portal.

Back on the surface, keep moving left until you find your next Slog. When you anger him enough that he is chasing you retreat to the right and jump to the ledge. Now jump off the ledge and over the Slog and run to the left and when you switch screens jump over the bomb. Too bad Fido can't jump. Stand beneath the Slog on the ledge above and toss some rocks up to take out the bombs and the Slog. You can destroy all of the bombs with rocks or just enough that you feel safe about jumping over. Climb up and continue left when ready. Chant to receive your final firefly message then lower yourself down the cliff and enjoy the show...

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