The Steef are a legendary breed of centaur-like creatures, native to western Mudos, that appear to have the lower body of a horse, but in a giraffe's proportions with cloven hooves, the upper body of a gorilla, and a head similar to a lion's. Grubbs have always held them to an almost religious view, erecting statues in their honor and ascribing them with a legendary status. This stems from the steefs having once been their protectors. One tribe of Grubbs believed their Steef Guardian to have been killed by a "demon" called Sekto.


Golden AgeEdit

Steefs used to be a proud people and would roam in herds. They took a liking to the tribal Grubbs who could barely defend themselves. Thus, some Steefs would protect their villages out of an unknown respect.

Endangered speciesEdit

Steefs had become a favored game animal for hunters from Oddworld's industrial races, which put Steefs in danger of extinction. They used to roam in herds until their near extinction, with only a few known to remain. While high value prices are a factor contributing to their near extinction, the biggest is the greed or insanity of a evil Octigi named Sekto. Sekto has found a certain personal or financial value in Steefs, and has given high rewards to hunters who can bring him the head of a Steef. By the events of Stranger's Wrath, his Steef head collection is the largest of all Steef trophies rooms.

In Stranger's WrathEdit

By the events of Stranger's Wrath, Steefs are a near extinct breed, with only a few remaining. One such steef, Stranger, never truly deems himself to be a steef, as he feels unfit to be one. He even seeks surgery to remove his back legs. However, he finally embraces his kind when he destroys the dam built by Sekto and once again refilling the Mongo River to its original amount. This fulfills the ancient Grubb prophecy, and any remaining steefs need to worry less of being hunted on account of Sekto's banishment.

Notable Steefs Edit



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