Spooce is a type of currency contained within strange green shrubs seen in Munch's Oddysee called spooceshrubs. They are of a relatively small size and tend to grow together in clusters of usually 3 or more. There are significantly smaller amounts found in industrial facilities rather than in the natural world, unless it withholds a confined, 'thicker atmosphere', such as that of the catwalk in the ceiling of Magog Motors or next to a machine in Splinterz Manufacturing.


Spooce collected from Spooceshrubs can be used for:

  • Opening "Spoocelocks", which lock certain objects, such as doors and/or shrines, for a specific amount of spooce, ranging between 4 and 100 Spooce.
  • Reviving deceased Mudokons.
  • Upgrading Mudokons.
  • Abe's possession ability- in which he can use up to 10 spooce for an orb.
    • Abe can also regrow collected Spooce by Chanting near them.


  • The only levels without any Spooce at all are Sloghut 1027, The Loading Dock, and Labor Egg Storage.