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Splinterz Manufacturing is the 19th level in Munch's Oddysee.

It is a company based upon the mass production of toothpicks. These toothpicks are made from deforested trees and other foliage, indeed, entire forests has been uprooted to supply the constant need for toothpicks within the Magog Cartel.

Abe and Munch start off at a platform above a floor filled with Sligs, and the best way to take them out is by having Abe possess the Big-Bro Slig. Unfortunately, the level is filled with various Chant suppressors that can interfere, so the only area where Abe won't be zapped is off the edge of a nearby platform, which can be a risk reaching with there being Various Sligs below, so the safest plan is to go the long way around. Abe and Munch can guide each other around by going through doors that only stay open if one steps on a Floor Switch, thankfully a 2nd one can be found on the other side of the door to hold it open. On the way, it would be a good idea to use Munch can take out the Sligs with a Zap Vendo, and that Abe can guide him over the Land Mines that get in the way.

Once all the Sligs on the floor below have been taken out (there's also Bonepowder Kegs that can be tossed at them from above), Abe can round up the Scrubs to a set of Multiple Levers to open above a door leading to a Bird Portal and the Exit Pads, in addition to some Sleeping Sligs, which will need to activated through a Lulu Fund in the area that opened above. Abe can get over there with a Bounce Vendo, and possess the Big-Bro. Slig to open the door through a Voice Lock and take out all the Sligs in the room where the Lulu Fund can be found. Once the Glukkon has donated all his Moolah, it'll activate the Exit Pads, but Abe first might want to save some Scrubs in a lower area, surrounded by Land Mines.

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  • This is the only level where a Big-Bro Slig doesn't wield a gun.
    • But it can receive a Blitz packers from a nearby machine, making it the first level to have a machine like that.
  • This is the only level where Sligs can be found in the same area as the Glukkon.
    • Because of this, it's possible to send a Slig through into the room, but it won't get zapped to death, nor can it get over to the Lulu Fund since possessed enemies are incapable of jumping. If the Slig fires at the Glukkon, it'll never die, no matter how many times.