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Sorrow Valley is a former mining location that appears in Oddworld Soulstorm. It contains two levels and is the location where Abe finds his first sick Mudokons, finds a cure for Soulstorm Brew's deadly affects and discovers the tape containing the video that features the Brewmaster explaining the main functions of Soulstorm Brew to investors.


Sorrow valley is a cold area upon the mountains. It contains mining tools and carts that must be powered by Phatoline. What exactly was mined here is unknown, but what ever it was, it was taken long ago. While the area is mostly bare rock, there are several buildings that likely acted as housing for the Mudokons.

With the Magog Cartel gone, a few fauna and flora have returned. Most notable and the Slogs who once guarded the mineshafts, who have now become somewhat feral. Meetlebats, a relative of the bats that are native to the Free-Fire Zone and Paramonian Temple, are native here. Sleeches appear to have also lived here, although Abe finds none himself, only their droppings. Moongrass, Paramould and Haggut Moss are all native plants that have began to grow inside the mineshafts.

Oddworld: Soulstorm[]

While Alf and the other former Rupture Farms employees take a shortcut from the Gorge to the Old Trellis, Abe is forced to take the long way through Sorrow Valley and to the local Phat Station. After escaping Molluck's ambush, Abe finds relative safety in Sorrow Valley. Abe is surprised to find other escaped Mudokons hiding in the valley, and is even more shocked to find them ill. One of the sick Mudokons claims that he and a fairly large group arrived at the valley, but started to get sick. Him being hungry, he ate some Paramould in desperation, which alleviated his ailment. He told the others, but the ones who did not follow his advice died from the sickness.

Abe delves into the old mineshafts, and finds several ingredients that are known for their medical properties in the old Mudokon tradition. Along with Paramould, Abe gathered Moongrass, Haggut Moss, Sleech Guano and Meetlebat Venom. Mixing them into a spare bottle of Brew, Abe created a concoction which, when fed to sick Mudokons, alleviated their ailment. With the help of the cured escapees, Abe made in further trough the valley.

Abe released a minecart that shuttled him further down the valley. Molluck had been waiting for him, and had set another trap. Abe found a suspiciously dead Mudokon, who had a note for the next Mud who found him. The note implored the reader to take the tape he was carrying to Abe. Abe takes the tape, and continues through the valley, eventually making it to the foot of the facility, where he escaped Molluck and continued to Phat Station.