Snoozie Lab is the 6th Level in Munch's Oddysee. After having been through the Sewers of Vykker's Labs, the Warp Pad Munch hopped onto in in the previous level takes him to a Sewage Area above the Lab with the Poop Chute that The Shaman had been talking about. Once having gotten through the Sewage Area, The Shaman introduces Munch to a Machine Operator, which he can use to take control of a Weaponised Machine known as a Snoozer by zapping it with his Sonar, that can be used to put The Interns in the lab to sleep, and remove the TNT Crates leading up to the Poop Chute. Once the Interns are taken care of (Munch could also take care of the Interns himself with a Zap and Expresso Vendos, depending on how many remain), Munch can save the Fuzzles in the Lab and head over to the Poop Chute, that'll send him out of Vykker's Labs where he and Abe will be able to unite.


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