Name: SnUzi
Type: Submachine Gun
Rate of Fire: 600 rounds/min
Years Used: Unknown
Manufacturer: Vykker's Labs
Status: Active

A SnUzi is essentially a giant needle, which fires darts laden by a powerful poison-drug, which was originally intended to be used to induce sleep on rabid test subjects or for security purposes, but it instead passed as a failed experiment that quickly kills its target. It has a rapid rate of fire and is used as a weapon by Interns and Vykkers, and a modified version is mounted on Snoozers; this one, however, uses less lethal narcotics formed from the poison drug and uses three rotating barrels for an even faster rate of fire.

The Poison-Drug Edit

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Variations Edit

Standard SnUzi Edit


A standard SnUzi

The standard SnUzi is ironically more dangerous to both the user and its targeted subject than the Snoozer Mounted Turret. It contains essentially a 'belt' of multiple hypodermic needles filled to the brim with a dangerous poison-drug.

Snoozer Mounted Turret Edit


A Snoozer firing its modified 'less-lethal' SnUzi

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Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit


The real-world equivalent of the SnUzi

  • The SnUzi is the Oddworld equivalent and pun on the real-world sub-machine gun known as the Uzi.
  • The name is also a pun on the word snooze which means sleep.
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