SligStorm is the name of an Oddworld game concept.

Not much is known of the game except that it would have been about as long as Slig Barracks and that it would have contained two minutes of cutscenes[1].

Plot Edit

The story would have centered around an albino Slig larva, born in a Slig Birthing Complex, who - because of his condition - would have faced death by his own kin. However, he manages to escape his fate and afterwards it's our job to help him escape the facility.

Status and Reputation in the Community Edit

The current stance of Oddworld Inhabitants is that it is unlikely that SligStorm will ever be made[2].

Because of two conflicting answers given in Dear Alf about the game's status[3], the general lack of information released about it and in part the previous incarnation of this wiki page, a large part of the community still believes the game to be actively on OWI's radar. However, this is not true.

References Edit

  3. - "SligStorm is one of those ideas we had that didn’t get far, but it’s still in our “One Day” drawer." "SligStorm wasn’t so much cancelled as never started or announced."
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