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Skycart Joe was a Clakker who ran a skycart service (hence his name). He is also one of the most well-dressed Clakkers in New Yolk City, and it is rumored that he might be in cahoots with Fatty McBoomBoom, cashing in on a percentage of the protection money at the expense of his feathered kin.

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It is unknown when Skycart Joe started his business of skycarts within New Yolk City; it was the only one within the town. With this, he made a lot of Moolah for transportation purposes and rose up in social status.

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Within the events of Stranger's Wrath, an Outlaw leader by the name of Fatty McBoomBoom rose into power and was forcing the people of New Yolk City to pay a protection tax that was extremely high. With this, Skycart Joe cashed in on the percentage of the protection money on the profit of his kin. This may explain why Joe doesn't act devastated; rather, happy and upbeat in a wretched way when you encounter him.

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After Stranger has taken the bounty from the Bounty Store within New Yolk City, he must ask Skycart Joe to operate the skycart to get to Fatty McBoomBoom's lair. When questioned, Joe is disrespectful and doesn't want to waste time with a "poor boy". This leads to Stranger telling him a joke in a funny cutscene, where Joe is assaulted. Stranger than threatens him with another joke, leaving Joe to frantically operate the skycart.

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Skycart Joe is a greedy Clakker who is embezzled within his own fortune. He seems to be happy off of making a profit from cashing in the protection money within town provided by the fearful Clakkerz. Joe is often at times disrespectful, not giving any thought to the poor and showing his narcissistic side to the wrong bounty hunter later on. With his, he is very snooty and often looks down on the lower class of Clakkerz which he thinks he is superior.

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Skycart Joe is more formally dressed than the other Clakkerz, maybe due to his high economic status within New Yolk City. He wears pants that tuck in his vest, over a white collared shirt and wears brown shoes. With his wealth, he also wears a top hat and sports a monocle. This makes him stand out from the crowd of regular Clakkerz within Western Mudos.

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