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Shotgunners are Sligs armed with a pump-action shotgun. They are the first variety of Slig encountered in Oddworld: Soulstorm.

They are one of the most common Sligs and their weapons make them one of the most dangerous when it comes to close-quarters combat. At close-range it is an instant kill to anything, at medium-ranges the pellets spread out, causing some damage but hitting multiple group of targets at once. However, longer ranges makes the weapon useless.

When it comes to possession, Shotgunners are best used in ares of enclosed space and of the same level. Any enemy above or below the Shotgunner gains cover bonus, making the shotgun's full potential limited.



  • The shotguns they use are the exact same weapon as the classic Slig rifles used in the original Oddworld. The rifles themselves have been updated to actually match its description.