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Shot Docs is a term used to describe any Vykker who has been trained and armed with the SnUzi sub-machine gun. They are only reserved for Vykkers with a trigger-happy streak and are more inline with an armed scientist than actual military and/or security personnel.

Shot Docs are usually encountered mid-game in Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee as a new and deadly enemy that should be avoided at all costs. The high rate of fire from the SnUzi makes a Shot Doc lethal at longer ranges, easily mitigating the slow and awkward speed disadvantage of a Vykker.

Abe can turn a normal Scientist into a Shot Doc if there is a SnUzi Vendo nearby. Doing so grants Abe a powerful 'ally' in the game.



  • As Vykkers aren't typically known for their combat prowess, it can be assumed that a Shot Doc is a scientist with a license to carry firearms for self-defense.