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The Sekto Springs Dam moments prior to its destruction

Sekto Springs Dam was a large, industrial dam that was situated on the Mongo River and owned by Sekto to produce Sekto Springs Bottled Water The dam kept the water from reaching the Mongo Valley and, thus, created a desert that critically affected the lives of the native Grubbs. The Sekto Springs Security forces (made up of Wolvarks and Slegs) were used to patrol the various smaller dams that dotted the Mongo Valley and also to conduct strategic attacks on Grubb settlements for more land control. Sekto Springs Dam was destroyed when Stranger and the Grubbs launched an assault to free the water and kill Sekto; as a result, many Clakker towns were destroyed, including Gizzard Gulch, Buzzarton and possibly New Yolk City, but Sekto was still alive after the dam burst out and swam away.


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