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This page is about the level in Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. For the company, see RuptureFarms.
For the level in Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, see RuptureFarms (New 'n' Tasty).

RuptureFarms is the first level in Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. The level is revisited later in the game as Zulag 1.

The following game guide will span over a series of level related pages for Abe's Oddysee and was originally written by Mark Smith, who has graciously allowed it to be used here. For a list of all pages belonging to this guide see Levels in Abe's Oddysee.

Game guide introduction[]

Welcome to Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee; the first in a series of five such games which will test your dexterity and puzzle solving skills. I won't waste your time giving you game background information or commands. That's what your manual and the game's cool intro is for.

There are 100 employees (or slaves) at RuptureFarms. You are one of them. This guide will help you rescue the other 99 workers in and around the plant. Knowing how to rescue them is only half of the battle. Some of the puzzles protecting these guys are truly evil. You will probably be tempted many times to just give up and settle for 60 or 70 MudokonsDON'T DO IT! If you are going to take the time to finish this game then do it right and save them ALL. There is a special something waiting for you at the end if you save all 99 of your co-workers.

Remember, the following walkthrough is the way I finished the game. It is not necessarily the right way and it is certainly not the ONLY way to complete the game. I've played and re-played sections 20 or more times. Most puzzles have multiple solutions so congratulations if you find a different way to do something.

Now, let's go rescue some Mudokons...


Hey! What a way to start a game - with a secret on the very first screen. Walk behind the barrel on the right and go down. This is your first of many secret areas.

Secret area A[]

Now that you know where this secret area is, leave and come back later. You will need a grenade before attempting to rescue the Mudokons working here so climb up and continue - don't worry - I've linked back to here later so you won't forget. (This area can be completed without a bomb, when on the screen with the Slig, sneak to the edge and drop down, the Slig will wake up and walk off the platform they were on. As the Slig drops, jump up onto their platform, then either use the lever or Abes possession to remove)
Now that you have that grenade you need stand on the left of the platform you land on and jump left. Drop down and sneak 1 step to the right, crouch, arm the grenade, and throw it to the right after the 4th beep. The Slig is dead but your bird portal flew the coop. Climb back up (on the left side) to reset the birds then drop back and chant to free Mudokon 1.
Go past the meat grinder and pull the lever then roll back across the grinder and jump the gap. Go past the first meat grinder and have the Mudokon follow you. Run through the grinder when it's at the top and fall off the ledge. You will hang and your friend will stop. Climb up and say "Follow Me" to have him fall into the gap then jump back to the right to get the other Mudokon. Stand where the previous Mudokon was working and pull the lever. The levers control the speed of the meat grinders. Lead the remaining Mudokon through the grinder when it is on SLOW then have him wait, pull the lever and run through just like last time. Repeat the process to get him to drop down. Now drop down yourself and make your way to the floor. Have your friends follow you then chant to open the portal. When Mudokons 2 & 3 are both safely away you can climb back up and out of this area.

A directory with a map of the level is at the left. You may or may not have time to view it depending on if the Slig from the opening movie is after you. If you hear him coming then run to the right and jump to the ledge. You can always view the map when you return. The next screen is your first experience with playing in the background. Enter the door and reappear way back there on the ledge. Run to the right and enter the door there to reappear in the foreground. Make sure to time all of this with the Slig so he's not around to shoot you.

Now we get to practice jumping. Failure is death but you restart on this screen so "no biggie". Walk to the edge of the first gap and jump. The next gap you can either run and jump or do a standing jump and hang and pull up. You decide. You'll be back, so try it both ways.

Secret area B[]

There is a secret hidden in the right pit with the bombs. You will need a grenade to access the secret so come back in a little while. Grenades are just 3 screens away so move on for now.
Toss a grenade into the right pit to take out the bombs. This is best done from the center platform. If any bombs remain you will need to go get a grenade from the boom machine and repeat until all bombs are gone. Drop into the pit and enter the secret behind that barrel.
When you appear in the next screen DO NOT MOVE. Instead, jump to the right to land just in front of the grinder. Drop to the room below and slip by the meat grinder and pull the lever to slow the meat grinder above and speed up the one you just went past. Go back up and stand on the opposite side of the grinder. Have the first Mudokon follow you and when the grinder is going up run to the right and jump so you are hanging. Pull up and repeat the follow command so the Mudokon falls below.
Make your way to the bottom floor and have him follow you. Tell him to wait then slip by the fast grinder and switch the lever to reverse the speeds of the grinders. Now have him follow you and run to the left. Don't worry if the birds scatter - you will be back and they will reset.
Flip the lever to reverse the speeds again and repeat the process to rescue the remaining Mudokon. You can chant and open the portal for each of them or wait until they are together. Either way, Mudokons 4 & 5 are free!
Return to the surface and continue your mission...


Now comes our first possession. See that sleeping Slig? Start chanting to wake him up and take possession of his body and his weapon.

Hint: NEVER fire your weapons toward another Mudokon without yelling, "LOOK OUT!" first. This will cause any Mudokons in the area to "hit the deck" and you can fire safely over their heads.

Head to your right until you find a Slig sleeping on the job. Shoot him while he sleeps or yell something to wake him then waste him when he stands up. Finally take your own life by chanting once more.

With the Sligs out of the way, Mudokons 6 & 7 are easy. After you are back in your body go right and drop down. Do NOT pull that lever or you will turn Mudokon 6 into a casualty rather than an escapee. Instead, tell him to follow you and lead him to the elevator 2 screens to the right. Take him down and chant to free Mudokon 6 then go back up and get the remaining Mudokon way over to the left where you took possession of the Slig earlier. Lead him back to the elevator and free Mudokon 7.

Secret area C[]

Assuming you saw that barrel where Mudokon 7 was working you would have deduced that a secret area lay beneath it. You are right! Drop down to encounter your first chant suppressor and the long awaited boom machine! The chant suppressor will not kill you if you chant, but it will prevent you from taking over a Slig. Jump over to the grenade dispenser and get your first grenade. You can only get one at a time so get used to seeing this room for awhile.
Toss a grenade over to the right ledge to destroy the suppressor. Now that you can chant again, possess a Slig. The other will detect that your host has been compromised and proceed to execute him. No bother - take control of Slig #2 and proceed to walk off the right edge. Spin to the left when you hit the floor and get the drop on the last Slig. If you get killed then Abe can lob a grenade down to finish the job, otherwise chant to kill yourself.
Now that this area is Slig free, drop down and chant to free Mudokons 8 & 9. Return to the surface while picking up a grenade on your way out. Now that we have easy access to unlimited grenades this is where I remind you to go back and complete Secret Area A and Secret Area B.
Note: On your return trip to Secret Area A you will more than likely encounter that first Slig you were running from. He will be patrolling the area by the Directory and if you try to chant he will run off the screen. Wait for him to leave the screen then toss a grenade to the left to kill him. You may have to try several times to get the timing down. Make sure to get another grenade before proceeding to the secret area.

Secret area D[]

Access to this area is on the screen just to the left of the elevator. There is a rope hanging that you can jump and pull to open a trap door. Run, jump or do whatever it takes to get inside this trap door before it closes. Once inside take note of the droid - no chanting here! Get a grenade if you don't already have one and toss a grenade to the left to blow up the Slig. Grab another grenade then drop to the room below the droid.
Jump off the right edge of the platform and stand 2-3 steps away from the right wall. Face right and toss a grenade to kill the Slig and scatter the birds. Exit the screen and return to restore the portal and chant to free Mudokon 10. Head back to the boom machine screen and chant to open your escape portal. The droid zaps you but you'll recover. Grab a grenade and exit this area.

Take the elevator down and continue the adventure. You will encounter a Mudokon which will follow you as you lead him to the portal 2 screens to the right. You will pass another Mudokon on the way. Return for him after you have sent the first on his way. Mudokons 11 & 12 are now free!

Hmmm...a Slig, a droid, and a lever. Trying the lever you notice that a trap door opens on the floor by the patrolling Slig - maybe even under him if you timed it right. If not, then do it until you do time it right. Notice that you don't hear the normal Slig "Death Cry". Suspicious? You should be. There is a secret beneath that trap door. Pull the lever and run off the ledge to fall in just as the door closes.

Secret area E[]

Now we have a Slig, a droid and a Mudokon. When the Slig approaches the left wall toss a grenade at him. Drop down and continue to the room below by dropping down the RIGHT side of the opening. Sneak past the grinder and jump to the left across the gap. Drop down and flip the lever to stop the grinder the go back up. Jump to the right and sneak past the sleeping Slig to the BOOM MACHINE. When you get the grenade the Slig will wake up so quickly pull yourself up to the room above. Jump over the gap and lower yourself down on the right to find the Slig fast asleep. Sneak to the left and jump the gap. Turn and face the Slig and crouch. Arm the grenade and toss it to the right after the 4th beep to kill the Slig and destroy the bomb.
Now for that Anti-Chant Droid. Return to the BOOM MACHINE and get a grenade. Jump across the gap and stand on the right edge of the platform. Arm the grenade and throw it to the right while backing up to avoid the blast. Go back to the top room and have your friend follow you down. When he drops, follow him and repeat to get him to fall down once more. Chant to open the portal and save Mudokons 13-15!
Return to the room above and chant (ouch!) to open your escape portal.


Your next area "sounds" worse than it looks. Try to ignore the insanely loud crunching noises as you jump from ledge to ledge avoiding the slabs of falling meat. Wait for a chunk to fall directly in front of you before you jump. The larger gap may tempt you to do a running jump but DON'T. Do a standing jump and hang and pull up. It's safer, and it looks really cool and the chicks will dig it!

Time to join the Bomb Squad. Approach the bomb and crouch beside it. Wait for the light to flash green and touch it to turn it off. The red and green light is always in some sort of repeating pattern so watch it before hitting the button. Make sure to hit the button WITH the green light. If you wait until you see it you will probably be too late. I found that chanting with the bomb worked best. This bomb is red for 4 flashes and green on the fifth so if you say "red...red...red...red...GREEN" and hit the button as you say "GREEN" you should have no problem.

The next room has two Sligs guarding a single worker. Your first impulse might be to chant but if you remember a few screens back; whenever a Slig is possessed in view of another Slig there will be some gunfire and we don't want our friend to eat a bullet. Eliminate one of the Sligs by pulling the lever and dropping him through the trap door. Now you can chant, possess, and explode the remaining Slig.

Flip that lever on the right to turn off the energy flow on the previous screen with the bomb then lead your friend to the left and chant to free Mudokon 16.

Before you crouch and roll under the wall you had better chant and explode that tiny Slig in the background. He's a sharp shooter just waiting to show off if you let him. Roll under the wall and have the Mudokon follow you as you continue right. Have him wait on the next screen as you climb up and flip the lever. Continue right but don't fall off as the ledge is quite short on the next screen.

Possess the Slig and go on a Slig Hunt. It's not much of a hunt. Only one Slig is lurking on the next screen. Kill him then explode your host body and continue.

Return to the screen to the left to find Mudokons 17 & 18 waiting to be rescued. Chant to open the portal and send them on their way.

Now comes one of the easiest overlooked Mudokons in the game. Walk 2 screens to the right and say "Hello" to the dark shadow. Mudokon 19 will return the greeting and follow you to the left so you can send him through the portal.

Proceed to your right taking note of the dark door with the warning overhead as you walk by. Stop as soon as you enter the next screen and survey the situation. Roll under the first grinder and continue to the next screen to the right. Leave the lever alone for now - you'll see why in a minute. Have the Mudokon follow you off to the left screen and have him wait by the grinder. Go back to the right and say hello to the shadows to find the second most popularly overlooked Mudokon. Lead him back to the right side of the grinder then return to the now-empty screen on the right.

Now pull that lever. See; I told you there was a good reason not to pull it earlier. Make a note of where that barrel lands. Now here is what is "going" to happen. When you walk off to the right a Slig will see you and chase you back to this screen. You will need to be running and stop just to the left of the lever and in the shadows. Since Abe slides a bit when coming to a stop you need to stop running as you pass the column on the right of the lever. You should stop just to the left and you can turn and get ready to pull. The Slig will stop to look for you since you are hidden in the shadows and it just so happens he stops where a certain barrel will land. Yank the lever and they'll be cleaning him up with a shovel.

With the Slig gone you can now go to the right and find 2 Mudokons and a bird portal. You can chant to free them now or bring the other 4 over first and have a parade. Either way you will need to return and get the 2 you left by the grinder and then the other 2 that you will have to carefully lead under the grinder. After several trips and some chanting Mudokons 20-25 will be taking a much needed vacation.

Now return to that door you passed earlier with the stern warning overhead. Ignore it and enter. Enjoy the cool 3D transitional video - there are lots more to come. Enter the screen to the left and start running when you realize a Slig sniper is perched above you on the ledge. Don't stop running until you reach the next screen and the BOOM MACHINE. Get a grenade then go to the right edge of the screen. Walk or roll into the next screen to make the Slig jump down to your level then return to the left quickly and toss the grenade to the right. Make sure you got him. If you didn't then grab another grenade and repeat until you do.

Now hop on the elevator and go to the top. Note the sleeping Slig on your right and the cluster of bombs on your left. First we need to eliminate the guard below so toss a grenade down to the right to kill the Slig. Ride the elevator down just far enough to make sure you got him then go back up and do a standing jump off the right edge of the elevator. You should land where the Slig used to be. Now duck and roll to your right.

Secret area F[]

This screen isn't as hard as it looks. The annoying red flashing light is worse than those grinders. When the first grinder is going up, jump to get past it. Now when the next grinder is up AND the 2 trap doors are closed you need to roll right and keep rolling to the next screen. Chant to free Mudokons 26-28 then roll back. The trap door is now open so just walk off and you will grab the edge and hang. Drop down to the ledge where that Slig used to be - aren't you glad you killed him?

Drop down and go left. Pull the lever to call the elevator. Grab another grenade and go back to the top. Get onto the top platform and crouch and roll a grenade off to the left. It should drop and blow up all the bombs in a chain reaction. Lower yourself down to the next two ledges and roll left off of this screen and onto the next level.

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