Professor Dimble is a professor in the city of Buzzarton. He is the teacher of Eugene Ius and tips Stranger off to where he was captured by the Outlaws. He also knows about the ruined temple and is located within a General Store.

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Professor Dimble is a Clakker professor; is currently living in the town of Buzzarton, the second town Stranger visits. He is found within the General Store, casually loitering as he wears his graduation cap. 

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Professor Dimble seems to be a friendly Clakker, providing adequate information on his missing pupil, Eugene Ius. Once he learns from Stranger that Eugene has been kidnapped and held as a hostage, Dimble agrees to open up the sewers for you to save his student. 


Professor Dimble has the usual appearance of a Clakker; wears glasses and sports a nifty graduation cap. His voice is more high pitched and squeaky than the usual Clakker. 

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