Stranger is about to leave the Buzzarton Bounty Store.

  • Bounty Store Clerk: Well that squares up! There's another thing you might want to take a peek at.

The bounty store clerk puts down a wanted poster for Steef heads.

  • Stranger: What's it pay?
  • Bounty Store Clerk: Let's give him a buzz and find out!

The store clerk pulls out a telephone and calls someone.

  • Sekto: Sekto.
  • Bounty Store Clerk: Hey, uh, hello, uh, Mr. Sekto? Yeah. This is the Buzzarton Bounty Store. We have a bounty hunter here and he wants to have a word with you. (to Stranger) Alright, here you go.

The store clerk pushes the phone towards Stranger. Stranger picks it up.

  • Sekto: Sekto, what's your business?
  • Stranger: I hear ya payin' out for a Steef head.
  • Sekto: You're telling me you have a Steef head?
  • Stranger: Maybe I knows where to find one, fer $20,000.
  • Sekto: Better be fresh for $20,000.
  • Stranger: When I get one, where do I find you?
  • Sekto: Easy. I own the Mongo River. You'll find my office at Sekto Springs Dam. I'm always here.
  • Stranger: That's good to know.

Stranger hangs up. He picks up the poster and sighs.

We go to Sekto's office. He dials a number.

We go to an outlaws house. De Caste Raider picks up the ringing phone

  • De Caste Raider: Ya, what do ya want?
  • Sekto: It's Sekto.
  • De Caste Raider: Sekto, big boss of the river. What I do for ya?
  • Sekto: A bounty hunter in Buzzarton says he can bag me a Steef head.
  • De Caste Raider: There ain't no Steef around here.
  • Sekto: If there is he's $20,000 richer, unless you can get it for yourself.

Sekto hangs up.

  • De Caste Raider: Bounty hunter in Buzzarton. Lock and load boy's we got some huntin' to do! Heh ya.


Oddworld Stranger's Wrath (PC version) Cutscenes 6 - Phone Call to Sekto-1

Oddworld Stranger's Wrath (PC version) Cutscenes 6 - Phone Call to Sekto-1

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