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The Phat Station is a Flub Fuels facility that appears in Oddworld: Soulstorm. It is a fueling station for FeeCo Trains, and where Abe hijacks a train from.


Phat Station appears to be a processing plant, in which Phatoline is produced and shipped across eastern Mudos. Phat Station also functions as a fuel Station for FeeCo Depot trains. Said trains are essential for trade and commerce across the continent.

A few native structures and brown ferns sit just on the border of Phat Station

Phat Stations is located on the border of the great desert that spans most of the centre of Mudos. The brief increase in flora and native structures compared to the cold and barren Sorrow Valley is immediately contrasted with dunes and dry caves. The facility itself is mostly metallic, with few other materials being used other than neon lights for signs and advertising.


Phat Station Fuel Tower 2.png

Phat Station is made of 4 sectors: the three tank rows and the fueling tower. These fours sections are linked by a cargo car used to transport resources and labor. All 12 tanks are linked by a series of pipes that link to the fuelling tower which transports the fuel up to the train platform using a series pistons and pumps. The tanks only six central tanks are filled with liquid, the outer 6 tanks are used to manage the flow of fuel throughout the facility through the use of Mudokon labour. The fuelling tower itself is managed by a series of pistons and cranks in order to pump the fuel up to the trains. These hazards are so dangerous that even the Magog Cartel has implemented a safety feature that allows a Mudokon to temporarily slow the hazards to allow others to cross.

As with most Magog facilities, Phat Station is guarded by Sligs of the walking and flying variety. These Sligs are armed with sub-machine guns and shotguns, lacking the stronger weapons that more important facilities have armed their Sligs with.

Oddworld: Soulstorm[]

Phat Station is a minor location in Abe's search for a train to hijack. After escaping Molluck's ambush in Sorrow Valley, Abe finds himself in the mouth of a dry valley, facing the fuelling station. Abe navigates through the facility, rescuing Mudokons along the way, and bypassing the security protocols that prevent the cargo car from going to the Fueling Tower. He then scales the tower, making it to the train platform just as it pulls away, managing to grab onto the tail of the train. Unlike other facilities Abe runs through, the owners of Flub Fuels do not appear to have noticed his intrusions, and have not filed complaints against the Brewmaster as a result.



  • Phat Station is named after Phatoline, the Oddword equivalent to gasoline.
  • Since Alf refer to it as "a Phat Station", it's likely that this facility is only one of many phatoline fuelling stations.