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Paramonian Temple is a level in Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. It branches off from Paramonia and runs parallel to the Scrabanian Temple level.


The layout of the temple is quite simple. There is a short segment which leads to a hub. There are several doors in the hub room and you must enter each; solve the puzzles and light the torches in each area. Only when all the torches have been lit can you enter the final door.

Once you appear in the temple and need to head right and get the Slig to follow you. Run back and jump in the well to reappear in the background where you can safely chant to possess your host. Return the the right and call your Slog ("Here Boy") and take the elevator down. Use the "Get 'em" command to have your pet kill any Sligs you encounter then shoot your companion before ending your own life.

Abe can now return to the front and take the elevator down. The fireflies will tell you to "Watch out for bats", but by the time you read it you will have already died so just take my word for it and drop down as soon as possible. A lever will drop a rock which is useful if for some reason you didn't take out the Slig earlier. Head to the right and enter the hub.

Paramonian Temple Hub[]


You can enter these doors (except for the last one) in any order you wish. Here is a map of the hub. There is a link back to this map at the end of each door solution. Your goal in each door is to light the torch and find the Bell Song to open the exit back to the Hub Area. When all torches are lit the final door will open and you will receive your reward.

Door #1[]

Walking to the left puts you onscreen with some of those nasty bees so return right and start climbing the ledges. Grab some meat from that side of beef handing on the one ledge and continue to the top. Head right and don't scare the Paramite. You can advance on them only so far. If the music gets tense you will need to retreat or toss some meat. For now throw the meat to occupy the Paramite while you hop up on the middle ledge and get another piece of meat. Continue to the next screen and throw the meat to the far right. The Paramites will run toward the meat and trip a huge stone disk which will starting rolling towards them and YOU in true "Indiana Jones" style. Retreat to the left screen and jump to that ledge as the stone rolls beneath you. Stock up on meat before dropping down.

Head to the left and drop down all those ledges again. Head left to find that the stone has plugged the hive allowing you safe access to the Rune Stone on the ledge with the Bell Song. Drop down and continue left. Toss the meat back to your right to distract the Paramite and continue left and lower yourself down. Stock up on more meat and jump to the left ledge and move carefully onto the next screen. Throw the meat to knock the bee hive down. The bees will swarm the Paramite as he devours the meat. When he is dead you can drop down and flip the lever and immediately climb back up as another Paramite arrives to claim the meat.

Make your way back to the top. The Paramite you distracted earlier will not attack as long as you don't rush him. Slowly make your way back to the ledges and return to the very top. Head back to the right where the stone disk originated from and duck and roll to the area with a bird portal. Chant to open the portal and enter the secret area.

Secret Area A[]

This is (in my opinion) one of the hardest segments in the game. Your timing must be flawless. The slightest pause will result in death, so here we go. (*There is an easier way of doing this section see three paragraphs below.)

Advance a few steps toward the Paramite and turn and throw some meat to the left. Immediately roll to the right through the tube (noting the other Paramites descending from the ceiling) and when you exit, jump to the ledge. Get one of the Mudokons ready to follow you then jump to knock some meat to the floor and immediately jump down and do a running roll into the tube returning to the left side where you can stand and chant to open two portals. When your co-worker has escaped you need to immediately jump through your own exit portal. NOTE: If you can still hear the Paramites eating when you exit through the portal you are in good shape - otherwise you may as well just jump back in and die to start over.

Now return a few screen to the left and grab some meat from the platform and return to the secret area. This time when you enter immediately throw the meat to your right and drop and roll, passing the Paramites as they charge towards the meat. Jump to the ledge and repeat the process to save the next Mudokon. Back outside, load up on meat and return to save the third Mudokon.

There is a nasty twist to your final trip to this area. After the third Mudokon has escaped a continuous rain of rocks will hinder your escape. Time it just right (wait for a rock to pass in front of you before running) but don't take too long as the Paramites will be all over you in seconds after they have finished their meat. Once you are out proceed to the left knowing that Mudokons 41-43 are taking a much needed vacation.

(*There is an alternative way of doing this section. When you arrive run to the right, rolling through the tunnel, and jump up onto the ledge. Say “hello“ and then “follow me”. Then through the meat and immediately start running to the left. Roll through the tunnel and stop as soon as you’re through. Tell he Mudokon to wait, and then roll back through and run-jump onto the ledge before the Paramites have finished eating. Repeat until you have all three Mudokons on the left. Then chant and once they’ve escaped, you can escape too.)

You will arrive at a screen with a Paramite and a lever. The lever drops a rock which can be used to smash the Paramite. Toss some meat so it lands where the boulder will land and while the Paramite is eating you can flatten him. You will need one more piece of meat, so return to the nearest side of beef and stock up then return to the final screen. You can either have the Paramite follow you and repeat the smashing, or just throw the meat to the right to distract him long enough to chant your Bell Song and return to the hub.

Door #2[]

Head to the left until you reach the screen with the slab of meat then start climbing until you are to the left of a well. Roll left and obtain the Bell Song then touch the meat to cause a chunk to fall. Roll right as the Paramite comes to claim his prize. Climb up and head left to the lever. As you approach you will trip a plate which will cause a boulder to start chasing you. Run to the right and run right off the ledge to hang onto the opposite side as the rock rolls safely overhead.

Return to the lever and pull it to activate the well then go hop in. Flip the lever on your right to light the torch then hop back into the well. Return all the way back to that first slab of meat in the middle of the screen and knock a piece down by jumping from the ledge. Hold your breath as you literally take the meat from the drooling Paramite then while standing on the left of the screen, throw the meat to the left to occupy the remaining Paramites as you run to the left and jump to the ledge. Chant to ring the bells and return to the hub.

Door #3[]

Jump to the left ledge and walk left. Jump to the ledge in front of the Paramite then turn and jump back and hang. Drop down to flip the lever then roll right and climb back up to get on the elevator. This is a long ride. The fireflies tell you to use Spirit Rings to eliminate bombs. The Mudokon on the next screen is demanding a password. The next screen looks pretty plain except for that trickle of rocks indicating a climbable ledge - so climb.

Get some meat and head all the way back down. Toss the meat to distract the Paramite while you obtain the password. Now return to the Mudokon and say "Hello" then when asked give him the password (High - Low - High - Low - High - Fart). He will grant you the power of the Spirit Rings - a "Super Chant Smart Bomb" good for a single use. Return to the screen below to chant and eliminate all the bombs. Flip the lever to light the torch then return to the Mudokon for another Spirit Ring.

Head back up to the slab of meat and chant to blow up those bombs then jump to the right and flip the lever then return to the Mudokon below. Jump in the well and when you arrive in the next room head to the left and jump up to avoid the Paramites dropping from the ceiling. Use the door to return to the hub.

Door #4[]

Walk to the left and when the Sligs see you run back to the right and jump onto the ledge. Possess the Slig and have him kill his partner before exploding. Continue on left. Grab a rock from the sack by jumping the gap before proceeding to the next screen.

This next screen looks tougher than it really is. Wait for the bats to be as far away as possible then jump the gap when the boulder is at the apex of its swing. Crouch while waiting for the bats to move away then repeat until you are across and then sneak into the next screen. Crouch and arm the bomb then roll/run to the right. The Slog will wake up and chase you arriving at the bomb about the same time it goes off. Obtain the Bell Song and flip the lever to light the torch.

Make your way past the swinging boulders and all the way back to the starting screen then head to the right. Roll so that you are on the left edge of the screen and toss the rock to clear the bomb from your path then continue right, chant to open the door and return to the hub.

Door #5[]

Head to the left making a mental note of the plate that triggers the falling rocks on the right. On the next screen you will capture the attention of a Paramite who will follow you to the previous screen. He will walk on the plate so make sure you are not near the rock landing zone when he does.

Keep on running to the right crossing a pressure plate and crushing the pursuing Paramite in the process. Return to the far left to acquire the Bell Song then return to the right until you reach the barrier. Make a note of the plates and rocks in this room then roll under the barrier and onto the next screen.

Don't let that lone Paramite fool you. This is a deadly ambush as several other Paramites are waiting to descend on you from above. Run and jump to the ledge as the Paramites start their descent. Flip the lever to ignite the torch then run and jump down and to the left. Drop and roll in mid-run to slip beneath the barrier and roll across the plate just in time to crush the pursuing Paramites. Keep running to the left just in case they slip by your trap and jump to the ledge in the next screen and chant to open the door and return to the hub.

Door #6[]

Enter the door to the right to arrive at another bat and boulder puzzle. Note the circling pattern and wait to jump the gaps when the bats are flying up. Keep heading right to find a bat and a bomb. Wait for the bat to start flying up then roll to the bomb and disarm it then roll back to the left and wait for the bat to fly up again before running and jumping to the right ledge.

Climb up to the next screen and get ready for some serious bomb disposal. Jump to the middle platform and disarm each bomb. Flip the lever when done to light the torch then jump to the left. Sneak up to the sleeping Slog and stand beneath the ring. Face to the right and jump and pull the ring then take off running as the Slog chases you. Run off the end of the platform to hang from the opposite edge. The Slog will bark a lot but you can safely pull up and head right and lower yourself down to the bottom.

Make your way past the bats and boulders to arrive at the open door. Enter to return to the hub.

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