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A view of the Paramonian Temple

The Paramonian Temple is an ancient Mudokon proving ground for those who wish to gain the powers of the Shrykull. It's a nesting place of many Paramites, and should a Mudokon succeed in completing all the trials, he will be awarded with the Paramite handscar. It also leads off to Paramonia, a thick, dangerous forest, which provides a tough test for Mudokons wishing to obtain the handscar. Abe completed the trials, and was therefore awarded the handscar by Big Face. The scar is half of the power needed for the Shrykull, the other half can only be obtained by completing the trials of Scrabania and obtaining the second handscar.The Art of Oddworld Inhabitants: The First Ten Years 1994 - 2004

Symbol of the Paramonian Temple


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