Paramonia is a large forest once left untouched by industrialists on Oddworld. Paramonia is the sacred home of the Paramites and the extinct Mudomo tribe.

Background Edit

Paramonia serves as one of the locations of the ancient Mudokon trials of Shrykull. Abe successfully completed the trials of Paramonia, and thus gained the Paramite hand scar. Paramonia ultimately contains the Paramonian Temple, which is where Abe discovered what trials lay ahead. Paramonia was also the ancient dwelling place of the Mudokon Mudomo tribe. For centuries, the Mudomo erected massive towers and constructed suspended walkways through the forests of Paramonia until they mysteriously vanished.

Notes Edit

  • The environment of Paramonia bears a striking resemblance to the forest planet Endor from the Star Wars franchise. The structures in Paramonia are also reminiscent to the Ewok treetop villages.
  • In New 'N' Tasty, there are several Splinterz signs in Paramonia. This implies that they were either going to harvest Paramonian wood, or build a factory there.
  • In New 'N' Tasty, the native masks are a wooden six eyed mask.



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