A row of order bombs found in RuptureFarms.

Order bombs are manually activated explosives that are exclusive to Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee.

Appearance and Functions Edit

Order bombs are cone-shaped with small joystick-like tops that feature a small red button on the top.

Order bomb manual

Descrition from the Abe's Oddysee manual

Until activated, order bombs are completely harmless. They are activated by pressing the red button on the top. Once activated, the "tower" will slide downward; activating a timer. Once the timer has been activated, the detonator is given several seconds to flee from the mines blast range. Immediately after activated, a timer will appear above the mine as it begins to flash violently. Upon detonation, the order bomb will destroy or kill anything within a two meter radius. Once activated, the mine cannot be disarmed.

Tips Edit

  • Make sure an escape plan is ready prior to arming the mine.
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