The Olden Steef was a mighty warrior who apparently protected the Grubb village before his mysterious disappearance sometime before Stranger's arrival. He was known to be a protector of the Grubbs and a friend to the Natives; that is until Sekto had other ideas in mind. 

History Edit

Grubb Protector Edit

Before the events of Stranger's Wrath, the Olden Steef was a Steef that helped out the Native Grubb Tribe within Last Legs and elsewhere. The Grubbs adored and were grateful to him, commemorating statues and cave paintings in his honor. 

Captured and Neutralized Edit

After the events of the Steef protecting the Grubb Tribe, an Octigi named Sekto was displeased with the Olden Steef, having fended off the parasite from the Grubbs in an unknown manner. This leads to the mysterious disappearance way before Stranger arrives into Gizzard Gulch were Blisterz Booty bagged. The Grubbs had thought that his disappearance was caused by a demon. In truth, he had been captured by Sekto's forces, and Sekto himself had used the Olden Steef as a host mount, which drained the life from him. Though this makes some sense since the Grubbs called Sekto "Sekto Demon." Frayda, the Grubb leader, never voices if she knows that Sekto is using the Olden Steef, but by the shock, the Grubbs show when finding out it seems that she probably didn't know.

Stranger's Wrath Edit

Final Words Edit

After the destruction of the Sekto Springs Dam and liberation of the Mongo River, Stranger pulls Sekto to the ground to reveal that Sekto had already latched off of the Olden Steef's body and had fled. When finally released from Sekto's grasp he is revealed to be pale, weak, somewhat blind and covered in several suction cup marks. This was caused by the years of having a parasite attached to his body. After asking if the water is free, meaning if the dam is destroyed, he perishes in front of Stranger and the Grubbs. Stranger slowly closes his eyes out of respect while the Grubbs mourn their fallen protector. It was never explained if the Olden Steef had any relation with Stranger, even though they're some of the last Steef alive they might possibly be from two separate families. As stated, it's never explained and let up to speculation. 

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