Faction Industrial
Class Unknown
Family Octigi
Homeland Mudos
Role Business/Politics
Conservation Status Least Concern

Oktigi is a head-sized, squid-like member of the Octigi family. They appear to be naturally aquatic, but can survive on land with the aid of a host body. Oktigi are parasites; they create a host body by attaching themselves to their victim's head (essentially replacing it) and using the victim's body as their own. They seem to prefer to obtain the strongest host body possible. Like the Glukkons, the Oktigi are driven by self-interest or corporate greed while having a preference for fine business suits, expensive cigars, and exploiting the environment to the highest degree. Though only one is currently known, the Oktigi seem to have had a history against the Steef and the Grubbs, which has become evident through various rock paintings in the Mongo Valley, which depict Steef and Grubbs fighting against a single Oktigi.

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  • The way that an Oktigi takes over the host body is very similar to the Headcrabs from the ''Half-Life'' series. However, unlike headcrabs, the Oktigi are sentient and do not feed on the flesh of their host.