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Welcome to the Editors' Lounge! This is a central place where you can find useful information about editing on the Oddworld Wiki, and organize your efforts with other editors.

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Stuff to do![]

Want to help, but not sure where to start? Any pages that require attention are marked with a notice and placed in a maintenance category. Once you've fixed an issue, simply remove the notice from the page and it will disappear from the maintenance category automatically.

Article stubs - These articles already exist, but the information on them is very limited. Expand the page with relevant information where possible.

Articles in need of major additions - These articles are mostly complete, but the information is outdated. Check and replace the information, and rewrite the page where needed.

Articles in need of sources / Uncited - These articles contain claims that need to be fact checked and cited. Try to find the source for the claim and add it as a reference to the page.

Articles needing cleanup - These articles do not conform to the current editing guidelines. Fix the noted issue or rewrite the article where needed.

Candidates for deletion - These articles have been nominated for deletion by an editor. Check the talk page of the article for the reason, and leave your opinion on the matter.

Image needed - These articles have no images on the page. Every article should ideally have at least one image. Find an appropriate image, upload it and add it to the article or its infobox.

Infobox incomplete - The infoboxes on these articles are lacking information. Fill out the missing information where possible. Note: Not all infobox fields have to be filled out on every article. Some infoboxes are designed to be flexible across multiple types of articles, and not all fields will always be relevant to a certain topic.

Section needed - These articles have at least one placeholder section that still needs to be fully written. Find the relevant information about the topic and write your masterpiece.

Upcoming content - These articles contain information about Oddworld products that have not been released yet. When the product has been released, check the article for accuracy and add any relevant information. In some cases, like for large game related pages, large chunks of the article may have to be rewritten. Consult your fellow editors if you're unsure.

Wikify - These articles are not properly formatted per the editing guidelines. Add bold and italic text where needed, enable any missing internal links, add an infobox if available, add a navbox if available, add headings if needed and make sure the article is part of at least one category.


Large additions or changes that have to be made across multiple articles. Work with your fellow editors to ensure proper uniformity across all relevant pages. Below project descriptions are work in progress. Ask TigerXtrm for details if you wish to contribute.

Soulstorm Lore Project[]

The release of Oddworld: Soulstorm will come with a tidal wave of new lore that needs to be included on all the relevant articles. Some of the lore may conflict with older games.

Crafting Items Project[]

Soulstorm comes with a relatively simple crafting system. All crafting items get their own short page on the wiki, which includes the item's image, description, recipe and basic information. A template will be used for the recipes (WIP).

Infobox Conversion Project[]

There are some (very) old pages on the wiki that lack a proper infobox, or don't have an infobox at all. In addition, some articles will get a tabbed infobox in order to deal with conflicting lore information with the release of Soulstorm.

Navbox Inclusion Project[]

Ideally all pages that belong to a larger group should have a navbox at the end of the article. Navboxes have been created for most major topics. They just need to be added to the relevant pages, and the pagename added to the navbox itself.

Cutscene Cleanup Project[]

Lower priority project that aims to add an accurate transcript of all cutscenes in all games. More info to come.