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This page contains the Oddworld Wiki's article layout guidelines. It describes the uniform style in which most articles should be structured where applicable.

Section order and naming[]

Below you can find a table that contains the standard article layout that is used across the Oddworld Wiki. Some sections are mandatory for each article while others are optional. It is good practice to create any sections that you think belong on a page, even if you don't intend to write them in that moment. In such cases the Section template may be used to ask for the help of other editors.

Layout item Headline Required Explanation
Delete template No No Only used for pages that are nominated for deletion. See Template:Delete.
"For" template No No Template:For is used to make a reader aware of other articles they may have been looking for that have a similar name.
Page management templates No No Page management templates are used if you notice that something is out of order with a certain article or section and want to bring it to the attention of other editors or administrators. If the issue affects the whole article, these boxes should be placed at the top of an article; if only a section is affected, they should be placed just below the headline of the respective section. The only exception are stub templates; see Stub templates below.

For a list of page management boxes, please refer to our template overview.
Infobox No Yes The purpose of infoboxes is to summarize data relating to the article. Ideally every article on the wiki should have an infobox of some description, though there are exceptions. Always add an infobox for characters, locations, items, cutscenes, species and levels.
Lead section No Yes Articles should generally start with a lead section which is not more than a few sentences. Its purpose is to provide a short definition or overview of the article itself; after reading it, a reader should know what the article is about.

If possible, the article title should be the subject of the first sentence; alternative titles should be mentioned in the lead section as well.
Table of contents (TOC) No Yes The table of contents (TOC) will automatically appear in articles with a minimum of four headings, just above the first headline. This behaviour can be changed by using __TOC__ or __NOTOC__. __TOC__ forces a table of contents to appear wherever it is placed in an article, no matter how many headlines the article has. __NOTOC__ results in no table of contents ever being shown.
Article content
For information on writing the article itself, see our editing guidelines.
Notes Yes No Notes contain short bits of trivia and cultural references that don't have a natural place elsewhere in the article. These notes should always appear in the form of a bullet point list.
Appearances Yes No A bullet point list of all official games, books or other media the subject of the article has appeared in, written in full with the Oddworld: prefix.
See also Yes No The purpose of this section is to list links to related topics on this wiki which may not have been linked within the article content.
External links Yes No Links to external (i.e. off-wiki) sites which are not references.
Gallery Yes No The main place in the article to place related images. If the article has many images, consider breaking the section up in sub sections.
Videos Yes No The main place to post related videos.
References Yes Yes Ideally all articles should have at least one reference, and thus should always include a reference list.
Stub templates No No Stub templates mark an article as being too short to provide more than rudimentary information about a subject. If you think an article could or should be expanded, place the stub template at the end below the references.
Navboxes No Yes Navboxes are navigational aids which allow easy access to other articles in a group the current article belongs to. They should be placed at the end of an article, just below the references and stub template. The most article-specific navboxes should be highest and the least-specific lowest.
Copyright notice No No If the article contains largely copyrighted content gotten from another source (level guides, interviews, etc.) the copyright template should be placed at the very bottom of the article to give the proper attribution and backlink to the original content.