Oddworld Wiki

This page describes the Oddworld Wiki's administration policy. It lists the wiki's administrators, their duties and the various policies on article protection, article deletion and the consequences for misbehavior by editors.


Administrators are users who have additional privileges that normal users do not have. These include the ability to protect or delete pages, block other users from editing and can alter certain technical aspects of the wiki not available to the general public.

Administrators are not a boss or owner of any kind. They cannot and should not overrule others based on their status alone, and if at all possible should not make grand site wide decisions without consulting the rest of the active community.

The Oddworld Wiki's current administrators are listed below. If you have questions or complaints, they will be your first point of contact.


Users may be blocked from editing on The Oddworld Wiki if their behavior is deemed inappropriate or hurtful to the wiki. Users will receive only a single warning to change their behavior before blocking. Reasons for blocking include (but are not limited to):

  • Vandalism
  • Personal attacks or threats towards other editors
  • Violating site policies
  • Spamming links to external sites
  • Abusing multiple accounts
  • Creating an account with an unacceptable username
  • Making unnecessary edits to pages in order to gain wiki achievements
  • Starting or being involved in user conflicts

Block duration[]

The duration of a block is dependent on the circumstances and will generally be up to the discretion of the administrator handling the problem. Blocks can range from a few days to multiple months, depending on the severity of the offense. The Oddworld Wiki has a strict zero tolerance policy when it comes to vandalism. Users who deface the wiki with no other intent than to grief will receive an instant permanent ban.


Through the use of the Delete template users may flag articles for deletion if they believe it to be out of place or otherwise should not exist. Placing the template at the top of an article acts as a nomination, after which other editors may voice their opinion on the matter on the article's talk page. The nomination will run for at least fourteen days, after which an administrator will determine if the article will be deleted or not.

Deleting the content of an article in its entirety is not a task for regular editors, as only administrators have the ability to delete the page properly. If you feel a deletion nomination has gone on for too long, please notify an administrator to deal with the issue.


Administrators may protect certain pages from editing. This is usually done to important pages or templates that are used in many articles. In rare cases pages may be temporarily protected while an editor conflict is being resolved.