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A list of all patchnotes released by Oddworld Inhabitants for Oddworld: Soulstorm.


The version of the game as it was released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and the Epic Games Store on April 6th, 2021.


Released on April 7th, 2021 for all platforms.

  • News Soundbite VO in Train Hijack level changed
  • Ranking in PS5 leaderboards is now correct
  • Fixes for several cases of Abe becoming softlocked in rare circumstances
  • Fix on PC for Keyboard and Controller remapping when language is set to Russian and Japanese


Released on April 9th, 2021 for all platforms.

  • Improvements to cover in The Blimp (more to come here)
  • Prevented the player being able to loop around in Phat Station and get stuck
  • Abe now connects to monkey bars much more reliably (more improvements coming here too)
  • Fixed Mudokons occasionally being reluctant to enter lockers
  • Fixed unresponsive Sligs after they’ve been on high alert
  • Slap mines will now turn on/off as expected, whichever is closest to Abe when activated
  • Streamer mode timer now stops when the game is paused or focus is elsewhere (PC)
  • Fixed Stoopy and Alf occupying the same space during the cutscene at the end of The Ruins.


Released on April 14th, 2021 for all platforms.

  • Mudokons now throw given items at Sligs after dying and reloading a save
  • Improvements to Slig AI
  • Spender statistic can now be improved on repeated playthroughs
  • Fixed control lockup in levels with many flares
  • Door interaction is now prioritized over pickpocketing
  • Mudokon Followers will follow Abe regardless of how far Abe gets from them
  • Restart Level from the Pause Menu now has a confirmation step
  • Fixed Sawblade getting stuck in the down position in Necrum, which was blocking progress
  • The Good Ending video will now play when conditions are right
  • Explosions now explode more reliably
  • Cured Mudokon followers no longer show prompt to be Healed a second time when hit by Sligs
  • Removed option to Continue to the next level from the End of Level Summary screen when in Level Select mode. This was a bug, Level Select mode is supposed to be self-contained levels!
  • Tweaked cover in The Blimp level so that it is easier to avoid being hit
  • Rebalanced Slig Mama to make it easier to complete the Hijack the Train level.
  • Changed the counter for saveable Mudokons in The Ruins so that it now shows the correct figure of 200.
  • The game will no longer crash when run on systems set to Arabic.


Released on April 28th, 2021 for all platforms.

  • Players can now turn off the main HUD UI in the Settings
  • Players can now turn off the badge alerts in the Settings
  • Multiple fixes for out of world jumps in certain levels
  • Potential progression blockers fixed in Brewery and Slig Barracks
  • The moving Royal Jelly fixed at the end of CD Yards
  • Motion detectors fixed in Necrum
  • Sorrow Valley’s Flying Slig explosions fixed
  • Fixes for Sanctum respawn issues
  • Fix for the train not being at the end of Phat Station under certain situations
  • Sorrow Valley missing bird portal fix
  • Rocksaw audio fix in Necrum
  • lockers fixed in The Ruins
  • fix for trellis door being closed
  • fix for the blimp in the Blimp level being visible in certain circumstances
  • further fix for incorrect Mudokon count in The Ruins
  • the lever in the Flying Slig section in Sorrow Valley now opens the electric gate, removing the requirement to kill all six Sligs first

Abe-related bug fixes:

  • Considerable improvements to monkeybar edge detection
  • Fix for Abe being stuck when dropping from the bottom of a climbable surface
  • fix for Abe spawning crouched
  • fix for Abe clipping through platforms after crouching after a double jump
  • fix for Abe getting stuck on tiny platforms

AI/NPC bug fixes:

  • Sligs no longer float when in certain states
  • Sligs now react to mortars better, especially in the Blimp level
  • Slig AI fix related to going to sleep in the middle of an alert animation
  • further fixes for when Sligs stun sick Mudokons
  • fix for stuck post processing FX on chanting
  • fix for softlock when spamming the interact button on an empty locker
  • Slig AI behaviour fixes with respect to beating
  • Sligs in the distance now react properly after their gun overheats
  • Sligs chasing Abe when he goes into a crawlspace no longer present weird behaviour
  • Sligs can no longer shoot abe through a climbable surface
  • Sligs now move towards disturbances when they hear or see them
  • Sligs no longer get stuck in an idle state

Other fixes:

  • UI freezing fixed when a Mudokon needs an antidote
  • various PlayStation Trophy fixes
  • timer fixes for Streamer Mode
  • multiple italian and german localisation improvements
  • badge count fixes
  • fix for UI being visible after end credits
  • accented characters in the UI fixed
  • fixed PS5 crash issue on suspend


Released on May 14th, 2021 for all platforms.

1.11 (1.10001 on PC) Patch Notes

Level-specific bug fixes:

  • Fixed potential lock in Slig Barracks on PS4 where Abe could get stuck after being hit by a Slig
  • Fixed issue with Level Stats showing 99% Quarma in Gorge when it should show 100%
  • Added some additional checks for Slamdoor collisions in Slig Barracks
  • Fixed floating/stuck mortar shells in The Blimp
  • Fixed inability to untie a Mudokon in Phat Station
  • Fixed stuck-in-floor Mudokon in Slig Barracks
  • Fixed “TEMP” help trigger on a switch in The Yards
  • Fixed potential soft lock in Eye Of The Storm when using a possessed Slig at the first elevator
  • Fixes to logic clipping in Eye Of The Storm
  • Fixes to Sligs instantly shooting Abe in Sorrow Valley
  • Fixes to The Escape with respect to levers in certain Holding Pens
  • Fixes to certain lootables being unlootable in PhatStation
  • Fixes to Abe being unable to reliably jump from crumbling platforms, especially at the end of Monsaic Lines
  • Fixed potential soft lock in Brewery if a player takes a lift up with a Slig
  • Fixed Abe falling through falling lift in Statue area in Sanctum

Abe-related bug fixes:

  • Fixed potential axis break caused by specific input commands
  • Fixed an issue where Abe could respawn at an angle not parallel to the 2.9D path
  • Fixed issue with Abe using Shrykull when crouched
  • Fixed issues around Flares
  • Fixes to aiming issues when possessing certain Sligs on PS4
  • Improvements to Abe’s double jump to hoist
  • Fixes to Abe’s GameSpeak spheres in Slig Barracks
  • Fixes to Shrykull’s upper zap visual limit
  • Fixes to binoculars getting stuck in third person
  • Abe’s cargo lift button press animation improved
  • Fixed Abe’s inability to roll under a half-closed Slamdoor after respawning

AI/NPC bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue where Sniper Sligs wouldn’t stop shooting Abe when Abe is hidden
  • Fixed Sligs being unable to unbind after being shot by another Slig
  • Fixed Mudokon reactions to fire when chanting and working
  • Various fixes and improvements to Slig AI
  • Fixed Mudokon hats popping off after a Continue Game
  • Fixes to Mudokons clipping through Slamdoors
  • Sleeches now react and flee from fire and Brewnade light
  • Fixes to Sligs being able to shoot through walls in certain situations
  • Sligs no longer react to fire on the other side of a closed Slamdoor
  • Sligs no longer stay in an idle state after being woken up
  • Sligs are now pickpocketed where they lay if ragdolled, rather than where they died
  • Sligs no longer dodge all incoming projectiles, making the end of The Yards easier

Other fixes:

  • Fixed issue with the Level Select screen where the direction inputs stop for multiple inputs after dismissing the Network Error message
  • Various audio fixes, including continuous Mudokon chatter during vertical escape levels
  • Added ability to remap CTRL / SHIFT and ALT keys on PC
  • Various out-of-world jump fixes
  • Various UI fixes with regards to Vendos
  • Various fixes to subtitles, button prompts and minor typos
  • Fixed cinematic sync issues when switching applications on PC
  • Fixes to leaderboard connection issues on PC
  • Fixed ability to return to menu during a cutscene, rendering Abe invulnerable


Released on June 4th, 2021 for all platforms.


Level-specific bug fixes:

  • Fix for incorrectly spawning RPG Slig in Yards ending descent
  • Fix for Mudokons teleporting onto a small lift in Escape
  • Fix for being able to see fire through a platform in Hijack
  • Fix to ensure Quarma for each level is set correctly
  • Fix to a specific rocksaw in Necrum
  • Fix to prevent Abe being locked if he hit a checkpoint while crouched and then stood up in Slig Barracks
  • Multiple out-of-gameworld jump fixes
  • Dying after pressing the final button in Yards no longer locks the game
  • Mudokons no longer get stuck at the bottom of the destructible tower in Necrum Mines
  • Adjustments to the position of mines in Necrum Mines to allow for easier interaction with a door
  • The destruction of the bridge in Ruins no longer leaves a piece of wooden bridge on the ground
  • The rocksaws in Necrum no longer drift apart in their timing
  • Fix to intro cutscene in Necrum Mines

Abe-related bug fixes:

  • Improvements to Abe’s backwards walk when stealth aiming
  • Improvements to the haptic feedback on PlayStation 5 throughout the game
  • Players can now alter their throw distance when using a mouse on PC by adjusting the aim distance or using the scrollwheel
  • Abe no longer auto-crouches when pushing against a pounder
  • Abe no longer dies when touching an inactive pounder
  • Abe will no longer get zapped on respawning after being zapped
  • Improvements to the possession orb controls
  • Abe will now be correctly crushed under a slamdoor when an NPC has pulled that door’s lever
  • Abe now correctly animates when unlocking a locked locker
  • Improvements to monkeybars
  • Improvements to Abe’s motioncode when rolling and hoisting
  • Fixes for a bug that caused Abe to roll indefinitely in Sanctum

AI/NPC bug fixes:

  • Fixes to Sligs randomly appearing to be frozen in Eye Of The Storm
  • Sligs no longer have a delayed reaction to bouncy rock candy
  • Sligs will now correctly raise the alert level when hit with a non-lethal item
  • Sligs no longer shoot through possessed Sligs if they are too close to an edge
  • Mudokon hats no longer pop off when Muds are told to wait and then follow
  • Mudokons no longer chatter when killed
  • The Sligs in Ruins now continue to fire upon the Mudokons after waking from being knocked out
  • Sick Muds no longer become sick again if Abe heals before talking to them
  • Mudokons no longer throw into the distance at Sligs far away in Feeco Depot
  • Mudokons now react properly to slamdoors being closed
  • Mudokons no longer stop following Abe for a brief second when he double jumps
  • Dead Slogs no longer distort their meshes when being hit

Other fixes:

  • The Royal Jelly effects now correctly persist after a checkpoint
  • Mines now restore their spinning components after a checkpoint
  • Improvements to the GameSpeak control settings on PC
  • The PlayStation 5 light bar will now be on by default for new players
  • Improvements to texture resolution on PlayStation 4
  • Further fixes to non-visible, closed slamdoors (especially in Slig Barracks)
  • Mortar shells (in Blimp and Sorrow Valley) have been adjusted for difficulty and now accurately land where Abe would have been when they were fired, making them more predictable and avoidable
  • Improvements to subtitles
  • Improvements to the voiceover in the final fight
  • Items from crates will no longer fall through the floor after Abe respawns in The Blimp
  • Fixes to the Gameplay Master Trophy
  • Added Master Volume to the audio settings
  • Improvements to Greeter audio
  • Welding torches now respect the “Reduce Strobing” accessibility option
  • Additions to the credits
  • Smoke clouds (for example, from steam grates or smoke bombs) have reduced highlights when they pickup light from Slig gunfire
  • Fixes to certain pickups not being present after a respawn in The Funicular