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For a general explanation of what templates are and how they are used, see Help:Templates.
This page lists the most commonly used templates on The Oddworld Wiki. To place a template on a page simply click on Insert > Template and search for the template you need. After adding the template you may be asked to fill out the template's parameters. For details on what parameters mean, see the corresponding template page. Any parameters that are left blank will not show up on the final page. Templates may also be added to a page via the source editor by typing the corresponding template code.

Navigation Edit

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An example of a navigation box.

Navigation templates serve to improve navigation between different articles and should always be placed at the very top of a page, above any article management templates. The only exceptions to this are Main Article and See, which should be placed directly underneath relevant section headers.

Name When to use
Disambiguation If a term can refer to multiple articles (more than 2) place this at the top of the page and list the articles the term may refer to.
For, see If an article title is similar to that of another and may cause people to find the wrong article, place this at the top to refer to pages with similar names.
Main article If something should be briefly mentioned in one article but is explained in more detail in another.
See If something is explained in more detail in another article and does not need to be explained in the current one.

Article management Edit

An article management box
An example of an article management box.
Article management templates can be used when you notice something wrong with the article or a section of the article, and want to bring it to the attention of other editors or administrators. The templates add a notice about the issue and add the article to the corresponding maintenance category.

Generally these templates should be placed at the top of an article, directly underneath any navigational templates, with the exception of the stub and section templates. These should be placed at the end of the article and under a section header respectively.

Name When to use
Cleanup Used on articles that require cleanup in some form or another. Usually for grammar, layout or tense issues.
Delete May be added to articles that you feel should be deleted. Please note that adding this template functions as a 'nomination' and that others users will be allowed to voice their opinion about the nomination. If other users agree with the deletion, the page will be deleted by an administrator.
Image needed Preferably all articles should have an image of some kind. If a page is missing an image, this template can be used to request one.
Infobox incomplete If certain key information on an article's infobox is missing, this template may be added to the article to call attention to that fact.
Stub Used on articles that lack substantial information and need to be expanded. These should be placed at the very bottom of the article, below the reference list.
Section Same as Stub, but used for individual sections that may need expansion.
Uncited Used if an article presents important information without citing a source. If uncited information remains uncited for too long it will be removed from the page.
Upcoming Used for articles about upcoming content that has not been released yet, such as newly announced games.
Update Used on articles where the information is highly outdated and should be updated.
Wikify If an article is written in a way that does not fit the overall style of a wiki, this template may be used to notify editors.

Infobox Edit

Infoboxes present a summary of information about a subject and are generally found in every article on the right hand side. Multiple infobox templates exist to cater to different types of articles. When adding an infobox make sure to use the type most appropriate to the article and fill it out as best you can. If essential information is missing from the template after you are done, you may add an article management template to call attention to this issue. Infoboxes should be inserted below any navigation and article management templates and before any of the page text.

Name When to use
Cutscene Used on cutscene transcript pages.
Game Used on any main article about one of the Oddworld games.
Location Used on any article about a location or a specific level. Different parameters need to be filled out for each, please see the template page for more details.
Character Used on any article about a named character.
Species Used on articles about species in general.

Navbox Edit

Example of a navbox
Navboxes hold a collection of links to related pages for easy navigation and are collapsed by default. They should be added to the very end of an article, below the reference list. Multiple pre-made navboxes exist, so be sure to add the right one to an article. Multiple navboxes may be added to an article as long as each navbox is somehow related to the subject of the page. If a navbox is missing one or more links you may use the "e" (edit) link on the left side of the box to edit the template and add the relevant information. A number of new navboxes still need to be created. If you would like to help, please have a look at this forum thread.
Name When to use
Characters A list of all named characters in the Oddworld franchise, including cut content.
Locations A list of all known locations on Oddworld, including cut content.
OWI A list of all games, people, studios and merchandise related to Oddworld Inhabitants as a company.

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