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Oddworld is the planet where the Oddworld series takes place. It has at least two moons that have been observed so far, as well as an unknown number of continents. All the Oddworld games to date take place on the continent of Mudos.

Physical characteristics[]

Oddworld is a dry planet with relatively little water compared to Earth, and there are no large oceans. Instead, the surface of the planet consists of countless large craters. During its primordial ages, the planet's magma layer shrunk in size several times, leaving three distinct crusts on the surface of the planet. Over time, parts of these crusts collapsed, creating enormous craters and caverns below the surface of the planet. Oddworld has a total of three such layers, making for a total surface area about ten times larger than that of the Earth, even though the planet itself is roughly the same size.[1] Some of these craters house massive cities, such as Nolybab.

The surface layer of the planet has a variety of different climates, ranging from vast deserts to lush forests, jungles, and icy mountains. Naturally-formed pressure wells are found all around Oddworld and may be directly connected to the deeper caverns below the surface crust, with the pressure differential causing strong winds or vacuums. The Big Well in particular appears to run deep into the planets surface.

The caverns below the various crusts are warm and damp, with no sunlight reaching them. Swamps can occasionally be found in these underground layers.

A closeup of a map of Oddworld detailing the locations of areas focused on throughout the Oddworld canon.


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Mudos is the only known continent thus far. Its environment (as well as the surrounding's area) is at great risk due to foreign settlers. The terrain is quite rough and jagged. Mudos was originally home to just a few native species such as the Grubb tribes and the ancient Mudokon civilization. However, after the rise of the Glukkons and the other industrial species, the continent has seen rapid industrial growth and immense exploitation of its natural resources, to the point where some species used to produce foodstuffs have even gone extinct due to over-hunting.


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Oddworld currently has only two known moons; the Mudokon Moon and the Gabbit Moon.[2] Both moons have the shape of the respective species' pawprints on them, and are believed by the Mudokons to be a sign from the gods that they are the chosen species of Oddworld. It is believed that there are at least eight moons, corresponding with each of the Series protagonists and their respective species, with at least six more that have to be seen.



On Mudos, many intelligent, self aware species exist. These are divided into two different vacations: The Industrialists, and the Natives. Native species include the Mudokons, inhabiting eastern Mudos. Mudokons have a bird-like appearance, and are known for their natural agility. Another native race are the Aquatic Gabbits, who have been driven into near extinction becuase of the Glukkons. Grubbs, native to Western Mudos, appear salamander-like but are a culture similar to that of Native Americans and the ancient Japanese. The last of the native races are the Steef. Steef are native to Western Mudos, and historically have protected the weak Grubbs, earning great esteem in their eyes. However, their numbers have been steadily decreasing due the high sell value of their body parts, usually the head and horns. Oddworld is also home to many industrial species, such as the Octigi family. The Octigi are a group of octopus-like creatures who have become fully self-aware over time, some even becoming amphibious. The most prominent of Octigi species are the Glukkons. These Moolah cravers practice methods of extreme capitalism. They enslave native races and use them to build great cities and massive factories. They have also hired the Sligs, a subterranean species, to act as henchmen. These slug-like creatures have been granted mobility through the use of Slig Pants. The Glukkons and sligs are both native to eastern Mudos. The Clakkerz are the last Industrial species. Native to Western Mudos, they have adapted to Industrial customs. While progress is slow, it's clear they are modernizing fast. They appear almost identical to terrestrial chickens.

There is one sapient race that is apart of neither the Natives or the Industrialists, and they are the Outlaws, those who live off of taking from others.


Various species of wildlife have been seen on Mudos as well. Scrabs and Paramites are the most deadly of the native fauna. However, they have been driven to near extinction caused by Rupture Farms. Meeches were once plentiful, but again due to Rupture Farms have been driven to complete extinction.

The environment on Mudos (as well as the surrounding area) is at great risk due to foreign settlers. The physical terrain is quite rough and jagged. Mudos was originally home to just a few Native species such as the Grubb tribe and the Mudokon civilization. But foreigners arrived and quickly set up an industrial society, wiping out many species and putting others at risk.

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