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The Octigi family

Octigi is currently the only known Family (in terms of Biological Classification) in Oddworld with an official name.


The Octigi family are a class of Oddworldian vertebrates that bear a great genetic diversity. seems to consist of Oddworldian organisms that bear the closest resemblance to members of the real world Octopodidae family, which consists of a majority of the Octopus species.

Species within Octigi[]

Slig Relation Theory[]

A Slig without pants

It's believed that the Slig species is an uncategorized member of the Octigi family. When examining the anatomy of a Slig without its personal effects (mask, pants, etc.), the Slig bears a undeniable resemblance to the Gloktigi. The Gloktigi has an enlarged cranium (which the Slig also possesses). However, the Slig's enlarged cranium acts as a tail or lower body. Both the Slig and Gloktigi have a single pair of muscular arms. However, the hands of the Gloktigi species consist of three long claws on each hand. The Slig's hands, on the other hand, consist of four stubby, pose-able fingers on each hand. The Slig and Gloktigi also appear to have the same tentacle-like mandible, which appear to be jointed in terms of the Sligs.


  • The prefix Oct- is both Latin and Greek for the number, 8.