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No Muds Land is the 17th Level in Munch's Oddysee. Now more closer to Splinterz, the facility responsible for draining the river in the Previous Level, Abe and Munch must safely make their way over, without there being any Native Mudokons to help them out. The door in front of them at the start of the level is shut, but thankfully Abe can take the upper area around the areas on the other side of the doors that open by standing on Floor Switches with Sligs patrolling the area, and when he gets to the bridge above the water area blocked off by TNT Crates, he can possess the Big-Bro Slig standing in front to take care of the Sligs, and open the doors for Munch to come through (in addition to clearing the bridge, and alternatively tossing Bonepowder Kegs at the Sligs from above). Then they'll come over to a fenced area leading to Splinterz being patrolled by a number of Sligs. Thankfully there's an Invisible Vendo for Abe to sneak into the fenced area without being caught (chanting will make it wear off automatically) and find a lever to pull to open for Munch to go through in an area reached by hopping into a well in the water. Then Munch can go through that door and pull another level to open a door for Abe to go through. Unfortunately for them, the area around Splinterz is surrounded by more Sligs, but Abe can possess a Big-Bro Slig in the area to take them out. Once all the Sligs have been taken out, Abe can hop into a well to blast him up onto the roof where he'll find a lever to activate the Exit Pads in front of the Facility to take him and Munch to the next level.


  • Only outdoor level in the game to have Big-Bro Sligs.
  • The name of the level "No Muds Land" is based off the term "No Mans Land" in a way.